• How Do Your Utility Bills Compare to the Average?

    Tility Bill For Electricity, Water, Heating

    In the Portland, Oregon area, many families are interested in saving energy and reducing their utility bills. And this may spark your curiosity about how your utility bills compare to the average consumer’s. A combined utility bill for electricity, water, heating, and trash removal for the average family in Portland is $113.42 , according to SmartAsset. That’s for a 915-square-foot apartment. Of course, the total amount you’ll spend each month depends on many factors, such as whether your appliances and HVAC systems are energy efficient.

    Heating and cooling costs can be much higher than the average when the HVAC systems are outdated. If your heater is 10 years old or older, or if your heating bills have been steadily increasing, it’s time to consider replacing it. Your HVAC contractor can point you in the direction of an energy-efficient unit. Before the warm weather sets in, consider upgrading your AC unit too. Older units may need to be replaced when they break down frequently, run continuously, or make loud noises. With a new HVAC system, your family will be more comfortable, and you might beat the average utility bill for your area.