• Hear from One of Our Satisfied Customers

    Satisfied Customers

    At Sun Glow Heating & Air Conditioning , we aim to raise the bar with every job we do. Customer service is of the utmost importance to our team and our culture as a business, and nothing makes us prouder than making our customers happy. Check out this video to hear from one of our many satisfied customers.

    One of our clients needed their gas furnace checked out, as it hadn’t been inspected at all since the construction of the house. They contacted Sun Glow for a furnace inspection , and they were impressed with our punctuality and professionalism. We set up an appointment time that was convenient for the customer, and our technician was timely and respectful. This client mentioned that it was particularly encouraging to work with a business that practices customer service values and dedicated work ethic. These positive experiences are what keep the Sun Glow team going.

  • Ways You Can Benefit from HVAC Equipment Diagnostics

    When you schedule air conditioning maintenance for your home in Portland, consider asking your technician about the possibility of setting up HVAC equipment diagnostic services . Using special tools and equipment, your technician will be able to gain an in-depth look at the performance and overall condition of your air conditioning system. By scheduling diagnostic services every year or so, you can enjoy many benefits.

    There are several terrific advantages to setting up HVAC equipment diagnostics for your air conditioning system. After your technician has used diagnostic equipment to scan the performance of your heating or cooling unit, he will be able to recommend repairs that are specifically targeted for your home. Homeowners who regularly perform diagnostic services enjoy better efficiency, performance, and energy savings from their system. Having your HVAC system routinely inspected can also help to extend its lifespan. Diagnostic services can be used to eliminate allergens or pollution from your indoor air.

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  • Why Are My Summer Energy Bills So High?

    It seems like every summer is hotter than the one before it, which can put extra pressure on your air conditioning in Portland . The more energy it takes to power your unit, the more it will add to your carbon footprint. This will also be more taxing for your AC and can shorten its working life. If your energy bills seem to spike during the summer, you might need to focus more on air conditioning maintenance. Make sure you close your windows and doors when you run your AC, and call the pros if you think your unit might be broken. Continue reading to see why your summer energy bills are so high. air - conditioner

    Failing to Maintain HVAC Appliances

    You need to take care of your HVAC appliances if you want them to work properly. If you neglect them, they’ll start to dip in efficiency. This means they will demand more energy to keep your space at a comfortable temperature, increasing your energy bills in turn. All you need to do to prevent this from happening is keep up with your furnace and air conditioning maintenance. Change your air filters, give your units a test run before the busy season, and make sure your AC professional comes over to address any potential issues.

    Leaving Windows and Doors Open

    Even though powerful air conditioning units can cool your entire home, it’s important to keep your conditioned air inside. If you let cooled air escape, your air conditioner will have to keep generating more cold air. Trap your conditioned air inside by closing doors and windows to keep your efficiency high and your energy bills low.

    Faulty Units

    If your air conditioner needs repair and you don’t get the job done, the unit is not going to do a good job of cooling your space. Make sure you talk to your HVAC expert as soon as you notice a problem so he or she can figure out a solution.

  • What Factors Affect My Indoor Air Quality?

    People tend to adjust to their environments, but the difference between poor and excellent indoor air quality is like night and day. If you want to make sure you never have to adjust to poor indoor air quality, you should know what kind of factors to look out for. HVAC units like your furnace and your air conditioning in Portland can have an effect, as can any type of smoke. Mold problems can also have a serious impact on your indoor air quality and even aggravate existing respiratory problems. Keep reading for more on the factors that affect your indoor air quality. indoor - air

    Your HVAC Units

    Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units can have a significant effect on your indoor air quality. The point of heaters and air conditioners is to pump conditioned air into your house so you can enjoy a more comfortable living space. However, it’s your job to make sure that the air these units circulate is clean. If you fail to change or clean your units’ air filters, they could be pushing dust and debris into your air. This won’t do any good for your indoor air quality, so make sure you change your furnace and air conditioning units’ filters on a regular basis.

    Indoor Smoke

    In addition to heating and air conditioning, indoor smoke can have an impact on the air you breathe while indoors. Smoking indoors will affect the composition of the air. The more saturated the air becomes, the worse your indoor air quality will be. If you’re going to smoke, be sure to do it outside, especially if you live with children, pets, or other people in general. Even smoke from candles can affect your air quality, so keep this in mind.

    Mold Problems

    A mold problem can have all kinds of health effects. What’s worse is that mold travels through the airs with its spores, contaminating your indoor air quality. If you notice any signs of a mold problem, call for remediation quickly so you and your family can continue to enjoy fresh air in your living space.

  • Give These Myths About Air Conditioners the Cold Shoulder

    Misinformation can be dangerous, even when it comes to something as simple as how to use your air conditioning unit in Portland. Even if you have a brand-new air conditioner, maintenance may be much more important than you think. Bigger units can be better in certain situations, but they’re not better across the board. Additionally, if you’re blaming your cold on the AC, you may be misinformed. Keep reading to see why you should give these myths about air conditioners the cold shoulder. air - conditioner

    Myth: Air conditioner maintenance isn’t that important.

    Maintaining your air conditioning can make a world of difference. When you forget to clean or change your air filters, your indoor air quality could suffer and your unit will need to work harder. This puts undue pressure on your AC, and this increase in demand can lead to a drop in efficiency as well as the life expectancy of your unit. Refrigerant leaks are also a common problem that maintenance can help you stay on top of, so talk to your professionals about a plan.

    Myth: A bigger unit is always better.

    Sure, bigger units are more powerful than smaller ones, but are they always better for your space? Unless you are moving to a bigger house or you’re unhappy with how your air conditioning unit has been handling your space, you might not actually need a bigger unit. Keep in mind that more power means more cost. If you have an older model and you’re looking for something more effective, you might need a new air conditioner of the same size, just with better efficiency.

    Myth: Too much AC exposure gives you a cold.

    Being cold and having a cold are completely different things. The sickness we refer to as a cold doesn’t come from low temperatures, it comes from an actual virus. Consistent low temperatures can lead to problems of their own, but you don’t have to worry about getting sick just because you’ve been enjoying your new air conditioner.

  • Understanding How Your Air Conditioner Works

    You don’t necessarily need to know what’s going on inside your air conditioning unit in Portland in order to reap the benefits, but it could satisfy your curiosity and even help you out when it comes to repairs . Models of air conditioners work slightly differently from each other, but they use the same elements. See this video on how your air conditioner works.

    Your thermostat is the piece of equipment you’ll use to operate the air conditioner and change the temperature. This piece communicates with the compressor and the fan motor. The compressor keeps the refrigerant liquid, but it will become a gas as it travels from the condenser coils to the evaporator coils. The refrigerant cools the coils as it evaporates, but it will once again return to its liquid form and continue the cycle. In the meantime, your fan can blow air over the cool coils and into your space.

  • What Is the Best Temperature Setting for Your AC?

    Your air conditioner should keep you comfortable, and it should do so without skyrocketing your energy bills. As long as you set your air conditioning unit in Portland to the right temperature, you can enjoy a welcoming atmosphere without paying a premium for the comfort. If you’re wondering how you should handle your air conditioning this summer, read on to learn about the best temperature setting for your AC .

    Many working professionals face the same dilemma: You want to come home to a comfortable house, but you don’t want to waste too much money cooling down an empty residency during the day. Modern technology has paved the way for smarter, automated thermostats that can help, but you can also save money by changing the temperature you set your thermostat to. Everyone is different, and your ideal room temperature might not be the same as your significant other’s. Although there is no magic number, 78 degrees Fahrenheit tends to be a good goal to shoot for if you’re looking to save money. The higher the temperature, the less work for your AC. You can crank your unit when you get home from work and want extra comfort, but turn it back down before bed.

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  • Improving AC Efficiency in Your Home

    Do you want to pay less for your energy bills, help protect the environment, and extend the working life of your HVAC unit ? You need energy efficient air conditioning in Portland. Most of the air conditioning units you’ll see on the shelves today are more efficient than their predecessors, which can give you a leg up right from the start. You should also turn your attention towards insulating your home to prevent heat transfer as well as clearing your vents of any obstructions. Keep reading if you’re looking to improve the AC efficiency in your home. air - conditioner

    Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

    One of the most straightforward ways to improve your residential air conditioning is to simply buy a more energy efficient air conditioner. Year after year, air conditioners become more and more efficient thanks to developments in the industry. It’s also important to realize that your existing air conditioner will drop in efficiency over time. If you’ve had yours for years, it’s most likely not making the most of its energy anymore. Think about the different possible configurations of air conditioning systems, so you can tell if a conventional central air conditioning system or a mini split would be better for your house.

    Cut Down on Heat Transfer

    When you keep your conditioned air inside and keep the hot air out, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. This can save you money as well as keep your air conditioning unit in shape, so you might not need to think about repairs for a while. You can do this by closing your blinds during the day to keep sunlight out of the home, or even planting a large tree outside for further UV protection. You should also be sure to keep your doors and windows closed so your cool air stays in.

    Keep Vents Clear

    If you use a conventional central air conditioning system with ductwork, you should make sure there’s nothing blocking your vents. Obstructions can keep your conditioned air from making it out into your space, and even slowing it down will reduce its efficiency.

  • What You Need to Know About Freon Leaks

    Freon leaks can damage the performance of your air conditioning system. In this video, you will take a look at some essential information about this common air conditioner malfunction. If your air conditioning has sprung a Freon leak, you may notice a toxic substance leaking from your air conditioning unit. Since Freon is a hazardous substance, you should always schedule professional air conditioning maintenance in Portland when you find a leak in your system.

    By fixing your Freon leak and scheduling air conditioning maintenance, you can rest assured that your system is ready to keep you cool during the upcoming summer season. A company that specializes in air conditioning repair will be able to get your system up and running, before outdoor temperatures start to soar.

  • Is Your Home Ready for the Summer Season?

    With summer just around the corner, many homeowners are scheduling HVAC maintenance to prepare their air conditioning units in Portland. Regular tune-ups can be essential for keeping your AC running well despite hot weather and promoting its energy efficient function. However, it’s important to realize that these systems don’t last forever and must be replaced, eventually.

    If you’re wondering if you should get a new air conditioner before summer rolls around, then there are a few things that you should consider. If you struggled to keep your AC running well last summer and had to schedule frequent repairs, then it may be time to buy a replacement. Also, if your air conditioner no longer works efficiently or consistently despite regular maintenance, then it could be on its last leg. Finally, if your air conditioning unit is more than a decade old, then replacing it may provide your family with energy savings and better comfort.

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