• How Do Heat Pumps Work?

    If you are seeking a highly efficient alternative to your conventional air conditioning system, you may want to think about installing a heat pump in your home. In this video, you will take a closer look at the science behind heat pumps . In order to cool your home, heat pumps rely on the principles of pressure and temperature to efficiently cool a home. A company that offers air conditioning installation near Portland can answer any questions that you may have about how heat pumps operate.

    To schedule a heat pump or air conditioning installation for your property, be sure to get in touch with a team of HVAC professionals. Your licensed technicians can help you pick a new air conditioning unit or heater that is perfectly suited to the heating and cooling needs of your household.

  • Keep Your HVAC Running Efficiently Year-Round With These Tips

    Regular air conditioning maintenance is an essential aspect of owning a home. Just as you bring your car in for tune-ups at the mechanic, you will also want to make sure that you set up routine air conditioning repair services. A certified air conditioning mechanic in Portland can provide you with seasonal HVAC services that are targeted to specific times of the year. If you want to make sure that your furnace is ready to be fired up this winter, read on to learn some year-round HVAC maintenance tips. air - conditioner

    Change the Air Filters

    Perhaps one of the most important steps that you can take to preserve the efficiency of your HVAC system is to make sure that you change your air filters regularly. Your HVAC air filters are in charge of making sure that flying particles, such as dust and pollen, are removed from the air that you breathe. Neglecting to change your air filters can make it so that your HVAC system has to work harder to heat and cool your home.

    Install a Programmable Thermostat

    Another way that you can preserve the efficiency of your HVAC system is to replace your old thermostat with a programmable unit. Programmable thermostats allow homeowners to set their HVAC systems to heat and cool their homes at specific times of the day. By swapping out your current thermostat with a programmable system, you can help to ensure that your HVAC system is operating to its best possible efficiency.

    Schedule Preventative Maintenance

    Building a strong working relationship with your HVAC contractor can also help you to preserve the efficiency of your system throughout the seasons. Before the beginning of the peak cooling and heating seasons of the year, take the time to set up a preventative maintenance appointment for your HVAC system. During your service appointment, your technician can address any lingering repair issues that may be causing your HVAC system to lose its efficiency.

  • How Often Should I Change My HVAC Filter?

    Your furnace or AC filter in Portland helps to purify your air, which keeps bacteria, mold spores, and dust out of your lungs. It can’t do this when it’s already filled to the brim with contaminants, so it needs to be cleaned or changed on a regular basis . Watch this video for tips on how often you should change your HVAC filter.

    If you find yourself coughing up pet hair and dander, or you notice that your allergies have been bothering you lately, these might be signs that you should change your HVAC filter. Your filter is what keeps contaminants out of the air, and it’s your job to change it regularly. It’s a good idea to check on your air filter at least once every three months. If you live in a particularly dusty area, you should check yours more frequently. This improves your indoor air quality and extends the lives of your appliances.

  • Spotlight on Our Commercial Refrigeration Services

    Air conditioning in Portland is important to every industry, but certain businesses have greater demands when it comes to cooling. If you have food that you need to keep fresh, you’ll need the help of commercial refrigeration services . At Sun Glow Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in much more than heaters and air conditioners. We can also help you find the perfect refrigeration unit for your needs. On top of that, we can even repair your appliances if you run into any trouble. If you’re looking for an efficient way to keep your products cool, keep reading as we put the spotlight on our commercial refrigeration services.

    If you work in the food industry, chances are you will need commercial refrigeration services. Whether you need walk-in freezers to store an inventory of freshly frozen food products or you just need an ice machine for the bar, Sun Glow Heating & Air Conditioning can help you. We also offer dehumidifying units, sushi cases, and medium- and low-temp grocery cases. Our team is happy to help design your refrigeration system to meet your specific needs, and we’re equally proud to be able to repair your appliances when needed.

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  • Causes of Loud AC Noises

    Appliances of all kinds have a tendency to make sounds when something is going wrong, and your air conditioning unit in Portland may very well do the same. You might not know exactly what’s causing the noises, but you’ll at least know to talk to your repair professional for help . Check out this video about the causes of loud AC noises.

    It’s best to fix an air conditioner problem as soon as you can—the issue won’t get better on its own, and repairs will only become more expensive if you wait. If your AC is making loud noises, the problem could be minor or severe. Loose screws can contribute to a rattling sound, but all you need to do is tighten them. On the other hand, a grinding motor needs to be replaced before it breaks down entirely. If you’re unsure of what to do, your air conditioning experts can help to diagnose the problem.

  • What Are Energy Recovery Ventilators?

    2 important features of any home HVAC system are energy-efficient function and the maintenance of good indoor air quality . An energy recovery ventilator, or ERV, supports both factors and works as an integral part of your complete heating and air conditioning system in Portland.

    A heating and air conditioning unit’s ERV improves the home’s indoor air quality by exhausting stale, indoor air to the outside and drawing fresh air in. This allows the system to flush out airborne contaminants from your home. At the same time, an ERV’s core transfers excess humidity from the ingoing outdoor air to the outgoing indoor air. In these ways, an ERV improves your indoor air quality.

    To prevent energy loss from exhausting conditioned air to the outside, an ERV also transfers heat energy to and from the outgoing and ingoing air through its heat exchange core. In this way, your heating and air conditioning’s ERV can keep indoor air fresh while reducing the amount of energy lost in the process.

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  • Get the Answers to Your Questions About Furnace Replacement

    Are you looking for ways to improve your indoor comfort and save energy in Portland ? If so, then you may be thinking about replacing your old furnace. Continue reading to learn the answers to your questions about furnace replacement. furnace - replacement

    How long do furnaces last?

    On average, furnaces last about 20 years, and this number can depend on how frequently you use your furnace and how often you have it professionally maintained. If your furnace is getting close to this age and you’re unhappy with its performance, then it may be time to consider replacing it.

    How do I know if it’s time to replace my furnace?

    Besides age, there are several factors to consider when determining if it’s time for a new furnace. First, if you are having the unit repaired more and more frequently, then it’s time to think about investing in a replacement. Also, a rise in your energy bills that does not lower despite repairs and maintenance can mean that the furnace is on its last leg. Finally, if your furnace is nearing retirement age and is starting to demand costly fixes, then you may be better off replacing it instead of repairing it.

    What makes a furnace energy-efficient?

    Replacing your unit provides you with the opportunity to save energy and reduce your heating bills. However, you may be wondering how to choose an energy-efficient furnace. Any heater’s efficiency is described by its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. Higher AFUE ratings mean better energy efficiency. For a furnace to be classified as energy-efficient, it must boast an AFUE rating of 90% or greater. Today, you can find electric furnaces with AFUE ratings of 100%.

    What should I consider when selecting my new furnace?

    In addition to whether it is energy-efficient, you should think about installing a new unit that uses the same fuel as your current one, which will likely be the easiest to install. Lastly, choosing a furnace that is the right size for your home is essential, so have your home evaluated by an air conditioning professional to learn what size unit it requires.

  • Steps to Take When Your Furnace Breaks During the Winter

    Cold temperatures have descended upon the Portland area, and now is a time when you do not want to be dealing with a broken furnace. If your furnace fails suddenly, you could be stuck in a freezing house until your air conditioning and heating repair company can arrive on the scene. Fortunately, a company that offers furnace and air conditioning repair in Portland will be able to quickly respond to your heating emergency and repair your problem. If your furnace fails altogether, you may also be eligible to replace your old unit with an energy-efficient model. Let’s review some important actions to take in the event that your furnace breaks during the chilly winter season. furnace - repairs

    Check for Natural Gas Leaks

    Many homes rely on natural gas to fuel their furnaces. When you are dealing with a broken furnace, the first action that you will want to take is to check your unit for any signs of natural gas leaks. In the event that you are able to smell natural gas, you should exit your home right away.

    Call Your Emergency Technician

    A broken furnace is a home heating emergency that requires your immediate attention. As soon as you and your family members are safe from any potential natural gas leakage, you will be ready to call your emergency technician. A quality home heating and cooling company will be able to dispatch a technician to your home at any hour of the day or night.

    Prevent Further Damage

    When your furnace ceases to operate properly, you may be facing other maintenance emergencies throughout your home. To avoid a plumbing emergency, it may be necessary to drain any plumbing pipes that are at risk of freezing when the temperature in your indoor spaces drops below freezing. Taking the time to drain your pipes and perform other basic maintenance tasks can help you avoid a major cleanup project once your furnace has been fixed or replaced.

  • Which Ice Machine is Right for Your Home?

    Keeping cool is a top priority for any hom during the summer season. Along with scheduling air conditioning maintenance in Portland, you can help your family beat the heat by installing an ice machine in your home. When you watch this video, you will receive some important ice machine buying tips. Before you purchase an ice machine, you will want to find a unit that is properly sized for your counter.

    If you are looking ahead to the summer months, you may want to start thinking about scheduling air conditioning maintenance for your home. After the harsh winter season, your unit will typically be in need of essential air conditioning maintenance services. Air conditioning repair will help you maintain your home at a cool temperature, all season long.

  • Tips for Choosing a Quality Furnace Filter

    Your furnace and AC filter play an important role in promoting better indoor air quality for your home and helping your air conditioning unit run well. Air conditioning mechanics in Portland advise changing or cleaning your furnace filter anywhere from every 1 to 3 months, depending on factors like the type of unit that you have, how many people and pets live in your home, and how often you run the system.

    When shopping for a furnace filter, you’ll find that they come not only in many sizes but in a wide range of prices, as well. While you might be tempted to reach for the filter that has the lowest price in the size that you need, this may not be your best option. Higher quality filters can require less frequent replacement, and they can also do a better job of cleaning your home’s air.

    To choose a quality furnace filter, look at the MERV rating of each product. This rating indicates how effectively the filter removes particles from the air, and a higher number correlates with a better filter. High-quality AC filters achieve MERV ratings of around 12, while most inexpensive ones are typically rated MERV 4.

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