• Why You Should Ditch DIY Furnace Cleaning

    Furnace And Air Conditioning Maintenance In Portland

    Furnace and air conditioning maintenance in Portland makes your HVAC systems more efficient, so they can last longer and do a better job of heating, cooling, and ventilating your space. Some homeowners try to cut corners and clean their furnaces themselves. There are some simple maintenance tasks that you can do on your own, but furnace cleaning is a job for the professionals . You could end up wasting your valuable time and energy, and the job still might not be done properly. In that case, you’ll have to call for professional help anyway. Here’s a closer look at why you should ditch DIY furnace cleaning.

    You don’t need to have an HVAC professional come over to change your furnace filters every month, but you will need an expert when you require a thorough furnace cleaning. In order to clean the furnace, you’ll have to take apart a few components. This might not seem like a big deal, but if you put the parts back together the wrong way, your furnace could lose efficiency or even break down entirely. In the case of new furnaces, you might be required to have a professional service the appliance in order to avoid voiding the warranty.