• How Your Commercial Refrigeration System Works

    You can save energy and money by working with a qualified HVAC contractor near Portland to install or upgrade your commercial refrigeration system . And when you watch the accompanying video, you’ll learn the basic principles of how your refrigeration system works. All refrigeration relies on the continuous movement of a cooler liquid through a tube that goes around the object that is to be cooled.

    Perhaps the most important component of an energy efficient refrigerator is the throttling device. Refrigerant liquid is elevated to a high pressure before being introduced to the throttling device. This device resists the refrigerant, which causes a significant drop in pressure. As the pressure drops, the boiling point of the liquid also drops, which causes it to begin evaporating. The heat required to evaporate the refrigerant comes from the liquid itself, which causes it to decrease its temperature.

  • Let Our NATE-Certified Technicians Keep Your Commercial Refrigeration Units in Top Condition

    Hire Nate-Certified Technicians Sun Glow Heating & Air Conditioning has proudly served the Portland area since 1972. We’re committed to excellence and complete customer satisfaction, which is why we only hire NATE-certified technicians. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can perform repairs on your commercial refrigeration units, but we do recommend routine maintenance to prevent costly breakdowns. Routine maintenance is especially important for business owners, as a malfunction in the refrigeration unit may shut the company down for a while.

    Instead, let our NATE-certified technicians keep your units running perfectly. We can service any commercial refrigeration unit, including walk-in freezers, walk-in coolers, roof-top units, sushi cases, and ice machines. We also service low-temp and medium-temp grocery cases, and double door freezers. With our NATE-certified employees, you can rest assured that your equipment is in good hands. To maintain their certification, our technicians undergo continuing education. This lets them stay on the forefront of changes in the industry—from new refrigerants to new codes and standards.