• The Whys and Hows of Tracking Your Energy Usage

    Tools Specifically For Energy Usage Tracking

    Perhaps the most compelling reason why homeowners decide to track their energy usage is to become informed about where their money is being spent. If your energy usage peaks during the winter months, it’s a good indicator that your furnace is working too hard or is inefficient. High electricity bills during the summer might mean it’s time to schedule an air conditioning maintenance visit, change the AC filter, or perhaps replace the air conditioner in your Portland-area home altogether. Another reason to track your energy usage is to evaluate your savings after you make upgrades, like getting a new furnace installed . Here’s how to get started.

    Getting Your Account Online

    While it isn’t strictly necessary, it can be easier to track your energy usage if you set up an online account with your utility company. These days, most service-oriented companies offer online options, including Portland General Electric and Pacific Power. With an online account, you should be able to view your account history. Your utility company may even offer tools specifically for energy usage tracking. You can also view your current statements online.

    Understanding Your Bill

    Utility bills can be confusing, and different companies each use their own format. If you aren’t sure how to interpret yours, check the utility company’s website for a tutorial, or call the company directly. Look for the read dates, which tell you the length of the usage period. The read dates are different from the bill dates. When you check the costs, ignore the total labeled “net costs,” since that can include the previous month’s expenses.

    Comparing Your Energy Usage

    Some utility companies offer brief comparisons of your energy usage and your locality’s average energy usage. Or, you can check with the appropriate municipality or state agency for this information. If your energy usage is significantly higher than the average, it’s definitely time to consider some household upgrades.

    Developing Smart Saving Strategies

    To make the most significant impact, you’ll likely have to make major upgrades, such as by replacing your air conditioning unit and furnace in favor of energy-efficient options. There are also plenty of other options that don’t require a major upfront investment. For example, you should change your AC filter and furnace filter as recommended by the manufacturer. Otherwise, your HVAC system will use more energy.

  • Look Forward to Lower Utility Bills with the Comfort™ 13 Central Air Conditioner

    Comfort™ Series Air Conditioners

    Choosing an AC system that offers great efficiency is a smart way to get more value for your money. If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning unit in Portland , and you want to reduce your home’s utility bills, then consider choosing the model 24ABB3 Comfort™ 13 Central Air Conditioner from Carrier®.


    When you select Carrier® for your new air conditioner, you can expect quality, innovation, and efficiency. The Comfort series from Carrier® is designed to offer homeowners an easy and energy-efficient cooling option. When combined with a SEER-boosting indoor unit, the Comfort™ 13 Central Air Conditioner can help provide you with lower utility bills due to the improved efficiency that this pairing can offer. What’s SEER? SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. A SEER rating indicates the efficiency of an air conditioning unit, with higher numbers representing better energy efficiency. Notably, the Comfort™ Series air conditioners offer a range of efficiencies that reach as high as 16.5 SEER.


    Plenty of great features come standard with the Comfort™ 13 Central Air Conditioner. First, it uses non-ozone depleting Puron® refrigerant, produces noise levels as low as 72 decibels, and boasts 13 SEER cooling efficiency. Also, choosing this unit as the new air conditioner for your home will also provide you with single-stage operation, WeatherArmor™ protection, and a protective filter drier system. Finally, this air conditioning unit comes with a 10-year parts limited warranty and has an optional labor warranty available.


    All models in the Carrier® Comfort™ Series of air conditioners are designed to cool your home quietly and feature components that help minimize sound levels. Additionally, the Comfort™ 13 Central Air Conditioner functions with the assistance of a single-stage scroll compressor, wire coil guard, and compressor protecting filter drier. As for aesthetics, this unit features a durable, baked-on powder coat over a heavy-gauge, galvanized steel body. Finally, to control this air conditioning unit, Carrier® recommends that you use a Carrier® Côr™ thermostat.

  • Common Air Conditioning Problems and Their Solutions

    Although the summer season is winding to a close, outdoor temperatures are showing no signs of cooling down any time soon. To keep your home comfortable on a hot day, you will want to make sure that your air conditioning is running properly. With seasonal air conditioning services from a company that offers professional air conditioning fixes in Portland, you can rest assured that your HVAC system is ready to tackle the hottest days of the year. If you need to troubleshoot an issue with your AC system, take a look at these solutions to some common air conditioning problems. HVAC - repair

    Air conditioner fails to blow cold air.

    When you turn on your air conditioner, you should expect to feel cool air coming from your ducts right away. If your air conditioning system is having trouble blowing cold air, the problem could lie in your refrigerant lines. Your air conditioner relies on refrigerant to produce cold air for your home. In the event that your refrigerant levels are low, or your lines are leaking, your system may start to blow warm.

    Air conditioner turns off and on throughout the day.

    As soon as you turn down the temperature on your thermostat, you should immediately start to notice that your air conditioner has switched on. In order to keep your home at a consistently cool temperature, your air conditioner may need to run throughout the hottest hours of the day. In the event that your air conditioner turns off and on repeatedly in a single day, you may need to hire a technician to repair your condenser coils.

    Air conditioner is consuming more energy than usual.

    High energy bills are a common problem for many homeowners. When you start to find that your air conditioning is causing your household energy consumption to skyrocket, this may indicate that your system is in need of professional repairs. By cleaning out the lines and checking the functionality of the condensing unit, your HVAC repair technician can make sure that your air conditioner is operating with the best efficiency.

  • Your Guide to Hiring an HVAC Professional

    Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in Portland influences how comfortable your home or building is, and your comfort level should include your indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can be uncomfortable, and it can make life difficult for people who have asthma or allergies. An HVAC professional will help maintain your units, so you can avoid problems and enjoy your living or working space. Choose an HVAC pro who is licensed, ask the right questions, and make sure you know that you’re hiring a qualified company. Read ahead for your guide to hiring an HVAC professional. air - repair

    Check for Licensure

    When you set out to find the right person for the job, there are a couple of easy criteria that separate the professionals from the amateurs. One of the first things you should look for when hiring a heating and air conditioning professional is licensure. A license proves that the HVAC specialist has met certain requirements and has a given amount of knowledge of how to diagnose, treat, and prevent problems with your heating and cooling units. If you learn that a given air conditioning service operates without a license, it’s best to move on and find one that does.

    Ask Questions

    You might want to get to know your HVAC professional before you hire them. A good way to do that is to understand which questions you should ask, but the pros aren’t the only ones to talk to. A quality professional will have references, so your first step might be to ask for them. Then you can talk to those previous customers and find out if this heating and air conditioning professional does quality work. You can also ask for an estimate to get an idea of how much the job might cost, as well as what kinds of brands the company works with.

    Understand HVAC Experience

    Not all furnaces and air conditioning units are the same, so you need to find an HVAC expert who can help you with your specific units. Some don’t know how to tend to the more modern appliances, so find someone who is qualified to help.

  • Promote a Comfortable Work Environment with Commercial AC Maintenance

    If going to work already feels like a drag, it becomes a lot worse when your commercial air conditioning in Portland goes out. Regular maintenance will help you keep your systems in check , which keeps your workers happy and comfortable instead of distracted and unproductive. Most air conditioner maintenance tasks are simple, and your professional can help you with the more complicated issues. If you want to keep office morale up, read on and promote a comfortable work environment with commercial AC maintenance.

    For the sake of your employees and your customers, you should do your best to keep your commercial building comfortable. This means maintaining your air conditioner and furnace so that you have full control over the climate. Commercial AC maintenance is especially important throughout the summer, as people tend to become irritated when they’re uncomfortably warm. If your air conditioner breaks down on a hot day, people might be less inclined to spend time in your establishment. When you stay on top of your commercial air conditioning maintenance, you can catch a problem before it causes a full breakdown. This keeps the doors open and people coming into your store, and it improves your employees’ morale.

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  • Spotlight on Our Commercial Refrigeration Services

    Air conditioning in Portland is important to every industry, but certain businesses have greater demands when it comes to cooling. If you have food that you need to keep fresh, you’ll need the help of commercial refrigeration services . At Sun Glow Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in much more than heaters and air conditioners. We can also help you find the perfect refrigeration unit for your needs. On top of that, we can even repair your appliances if you run into any trouble. If you’re looking for an efficient way to keep your products cool, keep reading as we put the spotlight on our commercial refrigeration services.

    If you work in the food industry, chances are you will need commercial refrigeration services. Whether you need walk-in freezers to store an inventory of freshly frozen food products or you just need an ice machine for the bar, Sun Glow Heating & Air Conditioning can help you. We also offer dehumidifying units, sushi cases, and medium- and low-temp grocery cases. Our team is happy to help design your refrigeration system to meet your specific needs, and we’re equally proud to be able to repair your appliances when needed.

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  • What Factors Affect My Indoor Air Quality?

    People tend to adjust to their environments, but the difference between poor and excellent indoor air quality is like night and day. If you want to make sure you never have to adjust to poor indoor air quality, you should know what kind of factors to look out for. HVAC units like your furnace and your air conditioning in Portland can have an effect, as can any type of smoke. Mold problems can also have a serious impact on your indoor air quality and even aggravate existing respiratory problems. Keep reading for more on the factors that affect your indoor air quality. indoor - air

    Your HVAC Units

    Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units can have a significant effect on your indoor air quality. The point of heaters and air conditioners is to pump conditioned air into your house so you can enjoy a more comfortable living space. However, it’s your job to make sure that the air these units circulate is clean. If you fail to change or clean your units’ air filters, they could be pushing dust and debris into your air. This won’t do any good for your indoor air quality, so make sure you change your furnace and air conditioning units’ filters on a regular basis.

    Indoor Smoke

    In addition to heating and air conditioning, indoor smoke can have an impact on the air you breathe while indoors. Smoking indoors will affect the composition of the air. The more saturated the air becomes, the worse your indoor air quality will be. If you’re going to smoke, be sure to do it outside, especially if you live with children, pets, or other people in general. Even smoke from candles can affect your air quality, so keep this in mind.

    Mold Problems

    A mold problem can have all kinds of health effects. What’s worse is that mold travels through the airs with its spores, contaminating your indoor air quality. If you notice any signs of a mold problem, call for remediation quickly so you and your family can continue to enjoy fresh air in your living space.

  • AC Maintenance Tips to Try This Summer

    Everyone has a favorite way to beat the heat, and for some people, it’s simply sitting down and enjoying the air conditioning in Portland. If you want your unit to treat you well throughout the summer, you’ll have to care for it properly . Watch this video for a few AC maintenance tips to try this summer.

    Two main air conditioning components to keep track of are the air filter and the condenser. Clean or change your AC filter at least once every 3 months to enjoy better efficiency, fresher air, and a longer working life for your unit. You can also clean the parts that house the filter for an extra boost. Trim any shrubs or bushes around your outdoor condenser unit, and check the hoses for leaks and loose connections. Be sure to clear out your drain lines once per year to crack down on mold growth and increase efficiency.

  • Saving Money by Investing in Air Conditioning Maintenance

    You might think that air conditioning maintenance in Portland will cost you money rather than save it, but that’s not exactly the case. When you sign up for a maintenance program with your AC professionals, it will cost money. However, you will also receive a number of benefits that will make your home more comfortable and your unit more efficient. This means that in the long run, you actually stand to save money. Read ahead and take a closer look at how you can save money by investing in professional air conditioning maintenance.

    When you invest in air conditioning maintenance, you stand to save time and effort in addition to money. For one, regular upkeep ensures that your unit stays efficient. This will keep your energy bills low and help you make the most of your summer without spending too much money. Regular maintenance also gives your professional a chance to check your system for small malfunctions that could potentially get worse as time goes on. It tends to be much less expensive to fix a small issue than a major one.

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  • 3 Things That Can Cause Poor Indoor Air Quality

    Sometimes a breath of fresh air is just what you need, but some indoor spaces don’t have the best air quality. There are a couple of reasons why this might happen. Smoking indoors is one way that your indoor air quality may be significantly reduced, and skipping out on air conditioning maintenance in Portland can have the same effect. Even a small mold problem can develop into a larger one and hinder the quality of your air. Keep reading to learn about 3 things that can cause poor indoor air quality. indoor - air

    1. Smoking

    The more we research tobacco, the more we find out about how it can harm us. Any kind of product that you can smoke can impact your indoor air quality. Keep in mind that this reduced indoor air quality can be uncomfortable and unhealthy for anyone you share a living space with, including children and pets. If you’ve tried to quit smoking but you can’t kick the habit, then try to smoke outside and preserve the air quality inside.

    2. Lack of HVAC Maintenance

    Indoor air quality is just one of the many reasons why you should commit to air conditioning maintenance. When you forget to change the AC filter or have your air conditioning mechanic come over to make repairs, your indoor air quality could very well suffer. Dust and debris that would normally attach to the air filter will instead push through the ducts and into the air that circulates around your house. From there, these contaminants may end up in your lungs. All you need to do to prevent this from happening is stick to an air conditioning maintenance plan.

    3. Mold

    Air that’s too dry may be uncomfortable, but too much moisture can lead to a mold problem. In turn, you’ll notice that your indoor air quality is not what it used to be. Mold doesn’t need much to survive, and its spores can easily ride the air current in your house to spread throughout your space. It’s a good idea to take care of a mold problem sooner rather than later.