Get to Know the Carrier® Infinity® 20 Heat Pump Featuring Greenspeed® Intelligence

Some kinds of HVAC appliances can take care of two jobs in one unit, and the heat pump is a perfect example. Rather than separate furnace and air conditioning installations in Portland, you can save energy by using a single heat pump . Heat pumps move heat from one space to another, so you can use it for both heating and cooling. The Carrier® Infinity® 20 heat pump includes Greenspeed® intelligence, so you can count on powerful yet efficient performance. It also includes up to date technology that makes using the appliance a treat. Read on and get to know the Carrier® Infinity® 20 heat pump featuring Greenspeed® intelligence.

Greenspeed Intelligence

When you combine Infinity® appliances with Greenspeed® intelligence, the results are nothing short of magical. Today’s appliances are all about communication. They take in information about their surroundings, and they figure out what they should do to create the best possible environment for the user. Thanks to Greenspeed® intelligence, your heat pump will be able to react to small changes in the environment at all times. It does so using a minimal amount of energy, and it’s even quiet enough not to disturb your family. The Carrier® Infinity® 20 heat pump is only one of two appliances that use this energy efficient technology.

Efficient Performance

Since heat pumps are responsible for both heating and cooling your space, you should understand how efficient yours is in both ways. The Carrier® Infinity® 20 heat pump features up to a 20.5 SEER rating and 13 HSPF efficiency. The efficiency of your heat pump will depend on factors like how well you care for your appliances, how big your unit is, and how much space you need to heat or cool. A heat pump replaces a furnace and an air conditioning unit, so choose the right one.

Modern Technology

Greenspeed® intelligence isn’t the only technology the new Carrier® Infinity® 20 heat pump can brag about. Its sound reduction capabilities make it a joy to own, and advanced diagnostic intelligence helps it function to the best of its ability.

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