• What Is Indoor Air Quality?

    Did you know that maintaining your heating and air conditioning unit in Portland can impact your home’s indoor air quality? For example, when not properly maintained, dust and allergens can build up on the filter and prevent your HVAC system from cleaning your indoor air effectively. Watch this video to learn more about your home’s indoor air quality.

    Indoor air quality refers to the physical and chemical characteristics of air in buildings, as well as the airborne constituents present, and focuses on the impact of these factors on occupant health and comfort. The physical characteristics of air are temperature and humidity, and the chemical characteristics describe gaseous contaminants such as carbon monoxide and radon. Finally, airborne constituents are particles that are suspended in the air and can be derived from sources such as mold, bacteria, asbestos, and lead.

  • Stay Ahead of the Weather: Schedule Furnace Maintenance Now

    Maintenance For Your Heating And Air Conditioning In Portland

    When they are running properly, it can be easy to overlook the exceptional comfort and convenience that home heating and air conditioning systems provide. However, if your air conditioning breaks down in summer or your furnace fails in winter , it can quickly become apparent how much your family relies on its HVAC system for year-round comfort. To help avoid being left in the cold this winter, you can benefit from scheduling maintenance for your heating and air conditioning in Portland now rather than later.

    Fall and spring are the best times of year to schedule professional maintenance for your HVAC system. The reason for this is that by performing preventive maintenance when the weather is mild, you can ready your heating and air conditioning unit for the extreme temperatures of summer and winter. Many HVAC repairs can be prevented through routine maintenance, so consider staying ahead of the weather by scheduling furnace maintenance now.

  • Tips for Promoting the Efficiency of Your HVAC System

    hvac maintenance

    Even if you recently installed a new energy-efficient air conditioning unit for your home, there is plenty that you can do to help maximize the function of your HVAC system , extend its lifespan, and keep your utility bills in check. Keep reading for tips on promoting the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning unit in Portland.

    Clean the Filter

    Routine maintenance can prevent a significant number of HVAC repairs. Besides having a professional come out to clean, inspect, and perform diagnostics to your unit, you can help your heating and air conditioning system run more efficiently by regularly cleaning or replacing its air filter. How often you should address the filter depends on factors like the size of your home and the number of people and pets in your household, but most should be replaced or cleaned every 1 to 3 months. Ask an HVAC technician for advice on how often to take care of your AC filter.

    Maintain the Area

    While you can’t entirely prevent dust and debris from getting into your heating and air conditioning system, cleaning up the area around the external unit can help support your HVAC’s efficiency. Once or twice a year, trim back grass, shrubs, and tree branches that are growing around your HVAC unit to help minimize sources of debris.

    Schedule Professional Maintenance

    Finally, even if you perform the tasks mentioned so far, it’s ideal to have a professional come out to inspect, clean, and tune-up your heating and air conditioning unit. Because HVAC systems can lose some of their efficiency every year that they’re not serviced, it’s ideal to schedule professional maintenance at least once per year. The best times of year to have a technician maintain your unit are in the spring and the fall before the system is taxed with the extreme temperatures of summer and winter and your local HVAC experts are busy with service calls for poorly maintained units.

  • How Do Heat Pumps Work?

    If you are seeking a highly efficient alternative to your conventional air conditioning system, you may want to think about installing a heat pump in your home. In this video, you will take a closer look at the science behind heat pumps . In order to cool your home, heat pumps rely on the principles of pressure and temperature to efficiently cool a home. A company that offers air conditioning installation near Portland can answer any questions that you may have about how heat pumps operate.

    To schedule a heat pump or air conditioning installation for your property, be sure to get in touch with a team of HVAC professionals. Your licensed technicians can help you pick a new air conditioning unit or heater that is perfectly suited to the heating and cooling needs of your household.

  • Ways You Can Benefit from HVAC Equipment Diagnostics

    When you schedule air conditioning maintenance for your home in Portland, consider asking your technician about the possibility of setting up HVAC equipment diagnostic services . Using special tools and equipment, your technician will be able to gain an in-depth look at the performance and overall condition of your air conditioning system. By scheduling diagnostic services every year or so, you can enjoy many benefits.

    There are several terrific advantages to setting up HVAC equipment diagnostics for your air conditioning system. After your technician has used diagnostic equipment to scan the performance of your heating or cooling unit, he will be able to recommend repairs that are specifically targeted for your home. Homeowners who regularly perform diagnostic services enjoy better efficiency, performance, and energy savings from their system. Having your HVAC system routinely inspected can also help to extend its lifespan. Diagnostic services can be used to eliminate allergens or pollution from your indoor air.

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