AC Maintenance Tips to Try This Summer

Video For A Few Ac Maintenance Tips

Everyone has a favorite way to beat the heat, and for some people, it’s simply sitting down and enjoying the air conditioning in Portland. If you want your unit to treat you well throughout the summer, you’ll have to care for it properly . Watch this video for a few AC maintenance tips to try this summer.

Two main air conditioning components to keep track of are the air filter and the condenser. Clean or change your AC filter at least once every 3 months to enjoy better efficiency, fresher air, and a longer working life for your unit. You can also clean the parts that house the filter for an extra boost. Trim any shrubs or bushes around your outdoor condenser unit, and check the hoses for leaks and loose connections. Be sure to clear out your drain lines once per year to crack down on mold growth and increase efficiency.

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