What Is the Best Temperature Setting for Your AC?

Ideal Room Temperature

Your air conditioner should keep you comfortable, and it should do so without skyrocketing your energy bills. As long as you set your air conditioning unit in Portland to the right temperature, you can enjoy a welcoming atmosphere without paying a premium for the comfort. If you’re wondering how you should handle your air conditioning this summer, read on to learn about the best temperature setting for your AC.

Many working professionals face the same dilemma: You want to come home to a comfortable house, but you don’t want to waste too much money cooling down an empty residency during the day. Modern technology has paved the way for smarter, automated thermostats that can help, but you can also save money by changing the temperature you set your thermostat to. Everyone is different, and your ideal room temperature might not be the same as your significant other’s. Although there is no magic number, 78 degrees Fahrenheit tends to be a good goal to shoot for if you’re looking to save money. The higher the temperature, the less work for your AC. You can crank your unit when you get home from work and want extra comfort, but turn it back down before bed.

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