Understanding How Your Air Conditioner Works

Inside Your Air Conditioning Unit In Portland

You don’t necessarily need to know what’s going on inside your air conditioning unit in Portland in order to reap the benefits, but it could satisfy your curiosity and even help you out when it comes to repairs . Models of air conditioners work slightly differently from each other, but they use the same elements. See this video on how your air conditioner works.

Your thermostat is the piece of equipment you’ll use to operate the air conditioner and change the temperature. This piece communicates with the compressor and the fan motor. The compressor keeps the refrigerant liquid, but it will become a gas as it travels from the condenser coils to the evaporator coils. The refrigerant cools the coils as it evaporates, but it will once again return to its liquid form and continue the cycle. In the meantime, your fan can blow air over the cool coils and into your space.

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