Give These Myths About Air Conditioners the Cold Shoulder

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Can Make A World Of Difference

Misinformation can be dangerous, even when it comes to something as simple as how to use your air conditioning unit in Portland. Even if you have a brand-new air conditioner, maintenance may be much more important than you think. Bigger units can be better in certain situations, but they’re not better across the board. Additionally, if you’re blaming your cold on the AC, you may be misinformed. Keep reading to see why you should give these myths about air conditioners the cold shoulder. air - conditioner

Myth: Air conditioner maintenance isn’t that important.

Maintaining your air conditioning can make a world of difference. When you forget to clean or change your air filters, your indoor air quality could suffer and your unit will need to work harder. This puts undue pressure on your AC, and this increase in demand can lead to a drop in efficiency as well as the life expectancy of your unit. Refrigerant leaks are also a common problem that maintenance can help you stay on top of, so talk to your professionals about a plan.

Myth: A bigger unit is always better.

Sure, bigger units are more powerful than smaller ones, but are they always better for your space? Unless you are moving to a bigger house or you’re unhappy with how your air conditioning unit has been handling your space, you might not actually need a bigger unit. Keep in mind that more power means more cost. If you have an older model and you’re looking for something more effective, you might need a new air conditioner of the same size, just with better efficiency.

Myth: Too much AC exposure gives you a cold.

Being cold and having a cold are completely different things. The sickness we refer to as a cold doesn’t come from low temperatures, it comes from an actual virus. Consistent low temperatures can lead to problems of their own, but you don’t have to worry about getting sick just because you’ve been enjoying your new air conditioner.

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