Improving AC Efficiency in Your Home

Extend The Working Life Of Your Hvac Unit

Do you want to pay less for your energy bills, help protect the environment, and extend the working life of your HVAC unit ? You need energy efficient air conditioning in Portland. Most of the air conditioning units you’ll see on the shelves today are more efficient than their predecessors, which can give you a leg up right from the start. You should also turn your attention towards insulating your home to prevent heat transfer as well as clearing your vents of any obstructions. Keep reading if you’re looking to improve the AC efficiency in your home. air - conditioner

Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

One of the most straightforward ways to improve your residential air conditioning is to simply buy a more energy efficient air conditioner. Year after year, air conditioners become more and more efficient thanks to developments in the industry. It’s also important to realize that your existing air conditioner will drop in efficiency over time. If you’ve had yours for years, it’s most likely not making the most of its energy anymore. Think about the different possible configurations of air conditioning systems, so you can tell if a conventional central air conditioning system or a mini split would be better for your house.

Cut Down on Heat Transfer

When you keep your conditioned air inside and keep the hot air out, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. This can save you money as well as keep your air conditioning unit in shape, so you might not need to think about repairs for a while. You can do this by closing your blinds during the day to keep sunlight out of the home, or even planting a large tree outside for further UV protection. You should also be sure to keep your doors and windows closed so your cool air stays in.

Keep Vents Clear

If you use a conventional central air conditioning system with ductwork, you should make sure there’s nothing blocking your vents. Obstructions can keep your conditioned air from making it out into your space, and even slowing it down will reduce its efficiency.

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