How Poor Indoor Air Quality Can Affect Kids’ Health

Poor Indoor Air Quality In Your Home

As a parent, protecting the health and wellbeing of your children is a top priority. If you are planning on scheduling air conditioning services this summer, you may want to ask your air conditioning technician to evaluate the overall air quality of your home. If your air conditioning system has a broken or clogged air filter, your indoor air quality could be suffering. With services from a company that offers air conditioning repair near Portland, you can restore your indoor air to healthy levels. Here is an overview of three ways that poor indoor air quality can affect kids’ health. child - asthma

Increased Allergy Symptoms

One of the top dangers of poor indoor air quality in your home is increased allergy symptoms for your entire family. If your child is continually coughing, sneezing, or wheezing when he or she is at home, this could indicate that your home is contaminated with indoor allergens. A professional allergy test can reveal whether common indoor allergens are affecting the health of your child.

Worsened Asthma Issues

For parents of children who have asthma, it is especially important to ensure the quality of indoor air. Poor indoor air quality can cause your child’s asthma symptoms to worsen over time. To provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your indoor air quality is safe for your child with asthma, you may want to consider installing a whole home air purification system.

Frequent Sinus Problems

Sinus problems can affect children of all ages. If your home is contaminated with black mold or other indoor pollutants, your child could suffer from reoccurring sinus problems, throughout every season of the year. Having your air ducts cleaned is a highly effective means for preventing pollution-related sinus issues in your children. By fixing your home’s indoor air quality issues, you can help to ensure that your kids will have healthy childhoods that are free from indoor allergies in the home.

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