What Are Energy Recovery Ventilators?

Improves The Home’S Indoor Air Quality

2 important features of any home HVAC system are energy-efficient function and the maintenance of good indoor air quality . An energy recovery ventilator, or ERV, supports both factors and works as an integral part of your complete heating and air conditioning system in Portland.

A heating and air conditioning unit’s ERV improves the home’s indoor air quality by exhausting stale, indoor air to the outside and drawing fresh air in. This allows the system to flush out airborne contaminants from your home. At the same time, an ERV’s core transfers excess humidity from the ingoing outdoor air to the outgoing indoor air. In these ways, an ERV improves your indoor air quality.

To prevent energy loss from exhausting conditioned air to the outside, an ERV also transfers heat energy to and from the outgoing and ingoing air through its heat exchange core. In this way, your heating and air conditioning’s ERV can keep indoor air fresh while reducing the amount of energy lost in the process.

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