• How You Can Maximize the Efficiency of Your Furnace This Season

    The use of heating and air conditioning accounts for a significant portion of the average household’s annual energy usage. For this reason, it’s important to keep your furnace running well through the colder months. If you’re hunting for ways to save energy in Portland , then continue reading for tips on maximizing the efficiency of your furnace. Furnace - Repair

    Schedule a seasonal tune-up.

    Like many other parts of your home, your furnace can function optimally when it’s properly maintained. When the unit doesn’t have to work harder to heat your home, this can extend its lifespan and save you money on your monthly utility bill. To help ensure that your furnace remains energy efficient this season, schedule a tune-up for the unit. This step should be done at least once per year, and fall is an ideal time for this type of home maintenance. During the tune-up, the HVAC technician will ensure that the furnace’s parts are working well and are free of dust and buildup.

    Close or repair holes.

    A common cause of furnace inefficiency is leaks within the heating and cooling system. To help ensure that your warm air stays within the system and does not escape outside where it’s wasted, check your ductwork for any signs of holes or damage. If you’re unsure about the state of your ducts and you can’t see or access the entire system, then schedule a duct inspection.

    Get a new thermostat.

    Another step that you can take to save energy this season is to update the thermostat on your heating system. If your current thermostat is only able to turn your heater on and off to meet the set temperature, then this means that you could benefit from getting a better one. Today, you can find thermostats that are programmable, which allow you to schedule when you want your furnace to turn on and at what temperatures. This means that you can program your thermostat to switch to a lower temperature when your family is at work or sleeping and to warmer ones when people are home and awake.

  • Get Ready for Cold Weather with These Must-Do Home Repairs

    Before winter arrives, it’s a smart idea to take care of a few important home maintenance jobs. Watch this video to learn about household repairs that can help you save energy in Portland and keep your family warm this season.

    Caring for your air conditioning and heating system is one of the best ways to keep your home comfortable year-round. According to air conditioning technicians, the most common reason why heating and air conditioning units break down in the winter is that they weren’t properly maintained. Roof maintenance, gutter cleaning, and sealing up drafts should also be on every homeowner’s autumn to-do list.

  • Why You Should Schedule an HVAC Tune-Up Before Cold Weather Hits

    Your heating and cooling systems are designed to keep you as comfortable as possible as the seasons change, but what happens when your systems fail? Periodic maintenance and tune-ups can help to keep your HVAC units efficient and extend their working life for as long as possible, but you need to stay committed to your schedule. The best course of action is to call your air conditioning mechanic in Portland before you are in desperate need of your HVAC appliances so you can have them serviced in time for the next season. Call your air conditioning pro and read ahead for more on why it’s wise to schedule your HVAC tune-up sooner rather than later.

    There’s nothing like turning on the heat and hopping under the covers, getting nice and cozy for a comfortable night’s sleep. If the cold front is already on its way in and your HVAC systems are out of tune, however, you might not enjoy this luxury. This is why you need to call your air conditioning pro to have your heating systems checked out before you really need them. This can save you money, effort, and discomfort and allow you to enjoy the fall season.

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  • Answering Your Questions About New HVAC Installation

    A new heater or air conditioning installation in Portland is not free, so most responsible homeowners will think about the installation process and make the most informed decision before heading out and making a purchase. If you want to make sure that you find the best air conditioning installation service for your needs, you’ll have to ask the right questions. Feel free to take a look ahead if you’re interested in answering your questions about new HVAC installation. new - hvac - system

    Do I need new HVAC systems?

    Although you don’t want to go out and replace a heating or air conditioning system just a few years after you buy it, you should be able to recognize the signs that indicate that you’re due for a replacement. If your heating or cooling system no longer keeps your space at the desired temperature, it’s probably time to have a professional take a look at it. You might notice that your energy bills are increasing despite similar energy usage, or you could be hearing strange sounds coming from your air conditioning unit. The good news is that a problem doesn’t always necessitate a replacement, but you should have your air conditioning mechanic take a look either way.

    How do I choose the right one?

    When you head out to pick up a new air conditioning system, make sure you consider the energy efficiency your choices can offer. Efficient air conditioning systems can keep your home comfortable while also reducing your energy bills. You’ll also need to consider the size of your home or the space you wish to condition. If you ever have trouble choosing the right HVAC installation for your needs, don’t hesitate to talk to your air conditioning mechanic.

    Who should install my HVAC unit?

    If you want your HVAC installation to work as efficiently as possible for years to come, you’ll need to ensure that the installation process goes smoothly. You can do this by calling your air conditioning mechanic. Your specialist will be more than happy to install your new HVAC appliance, so you can sit back and enjoy the comfort of your home.