How to Choose an Efficient Air Conditioner

Market For A New Air Conditioner In Portland

Are you in the market for a new air conditioner in Portland ? If so, then you probably have questions about what to look for in a quality unit. Among the most important considerations when choosing a new air conditioning system is efficiency. Use these tips to choose an efficient AC. air - conditioner

Consider the SEER rating.

Standing for seasonal energy-efficiency ratio, an air conditioner’s SEER rating describes how much cooling capacity the unit provides in relation to how much energy it uses, with higher numbers being more efficient than lower ones. Some areas of the country require a minimum SEER rating of 14 for newly installed AC units for the manufacturer’s warranty to remain valid, so be sure to speak with an HVAC professional regarding the regulations for your region.

Pay attention to size.

When it comes to efficiently cooling your home, the size of the space that you need to cool and the cooling capacity of the unit that you buy are 2 essential factors. When a unit’s cooling capacity is too large for your home, it will cool it too quickly to remove enough of the humidity, and it will also have to turn on and off frequently. The more often that your AC unit starts up and shuts down, the faster its parts will wear out. On the other hand, a unit that is designed to cool a smaller home may struggle to get your home to your desired temperature, can reduce the air’s humidity levels too much, and may increase your monthly energy bill by having to run continuously. Choosing an air conditioning system that is designed to cool the square footage of your home is the best way to maximize your family’s comfort, the system’s efficiency, and the unit’s lifespan.

Choose professional installation.

Even with the right air conditioning unit for the size of your home, improper installation can make the system inefficient and lead to a need for frequent repairs and early replacement. For this reason, it’s essential to work with an experienced AC installation company.

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