Balancing the Air Flow from Your Air Conditioner

Looking To Purchase New Air Conditioning In Portland

Have you noticed that your home is less evenly cooled than it used to be, despite recent air conditioning maintenance in Portland ? If so, then the system may require balancing. Watch this video for tips on balancing your air conditioning unit.

During new air conditioning installation, your HVAC technician examines your home’s size, vents, and air intake to properly balance the system. This step allows the unit to cool your home evenly and effectively. However, despite proper balancing at the time of installation, other factors can influence your AC’s balance over time.

Over each of the HVAC’s duct outlets are vents fitted with adjustable diffusers. To balance your air conditioning when some rooms feel warmer than others, simply adjust the diffusers by opening or closing their slats. Doing so can make your home more comfortable and help you save energy.

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