What Do Evaporator Coils Do?

Your home’s air conditioning plays a significant role in improving the comfort of your home. If you’re thinking about new air conditioner installation in Portland, then you may be wondering what to look for in a quality unit. To make a good decision, it can help to have an understanding of how air conditioners function. Among the critical components of an AC unit are the evaporator coils. Here is what they do:

The evaporator coils are located within the interior portion of your air conditioning unit. The role of these coils is to pull heat from the air that is forced over them by a fan. Within the evaporator coils is a coolant that enters in liquid form and then evaporates. This evaporation causes the coil to become extremely cold so that any warm air passing them drops in temperature.

Because of the vital role that these coils play in your air conditioning unit’s function, regular upkeep is essential. When you schedule an HVAC maintenance visit, the technician will evaluate the system’s performance and repairs needs. Additionally, he will clean off any dust and debris that has accumulated on the evaporator coil to help improve the air conditioner’s function.

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