Spotlight on Mini Split Air Conditioning

Benefit Of Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems

Today, there are many effective options available for cooling everything from large office buildings to single bedrooms. If you’re considering your options for a new air conditioner near Portland, then a mini split unit might be right for your needs. Read on to learn about this popular air conditioning option: split - air - duct

Features of Mini Split Air Conditioners

Also known as ductless mini split systems, mini split air conditioning units are used in both commercial and residential locations. Most often, these appliances are installed in apartments or home and office add-ons to provide air conditioning to a space that is not connected to the rest of the building’s HVAC duct system. Like a central AC system, mini splits are composed of 2 units, with one positioned outside of the house, and the other inside.

Advantages of Mini Split Air Conditioners

The most obvious benefit of mini split air conditioning systems is their versatility. Because these units require no ductwork, they can be installed in a variety of locations throughout a home or building. This feature prevents the need for installing ductwork where it isn’t presently, and it also allows for easy installation. To install a mini split air conditioner, only a small hole about 3 inches wide needs to be made in an outer wall to connect the indoor and outdoor units. Also, the indoor half can often be positioned distant from the outdoor portion, meaning that you can place it in a convenient location that isn’t on an outer wall of the building. Finally, mini split AC units can be more energy-efficient than other options, as less energy is lost without the use of ductwork.

Disadvantages of Mini Split Air Conditioners

Mini split systems tend to be more expensive than other options when looking at cooling capacity. Additionally, it’s imperative that the unit is properly installed and positioned for it to work effectively and efficiently. Finally, some people dislike the appearance of the indoor or outdoor portion, which are both noticeable where they protrude from the wall.

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