How to Choose a New Air Conditioner

The Size Of Your Air Conditioner Plays A Crucial Role

If your current air conditioning unit is nearing the end of its lifespan or is consistently breaking down, then it’s time to look into new air conditioning installation in Portland. Use the following tips to make the best choice when selecting a new air conditioner: air - conditioner

Choose an AC size that suits your home.

The size of your air conditioner plays a crucial role in its ability to keep your home comfortable and efficiently cooled. The AC should be large enough to lower the temperature in your home but small enough that it won’t cycle on and off frequently. Air conditioners that are too small won’t be able to cool your house well enough, and AC units that are too big will use more energy than is needed and can make your home feel uncomfortably humid. Talk to a few HVAC specialists and request estimates for a recommended air conditioner size for your home’s needs.

Invest in an energy efficient AC.

If your current air conditioner is pretty old, then you can anticipate benefiting from better efficiency with a newer model. In particular, look for units that have been certified by EnergyStar, which means that they have met the Environmental Protection Agency’s strict guidelines for energy efficiency. Additionally, choose a new air conditioner that has a Season Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating between 14 and 22. 13 is the minimum SEER rating required by the government, and those with a higher rating are classified as energy efficient.

Find a new AC that’s ideal for your climate.

Different AC models can vary in their ability to remove moisture from your indoor air. When you air conditioner fails to maintain a healthy and comfortable level of humidity in your home, your family may find that the air feels clammy, even with the AC running at full blast. Talk with an HVAC expert about his recommendations for air conditioners that are suitable for your local climate.

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