Sizing Your Air Conditioner

It’S Important To Size The Air Conditioning Unit

Are you looking to schedule A/C installation in Portland? Before you choose a new unit for the A/C installation, it’s important to size the air conditioning unit . In other words, you need to figure out what size system will be most appropriate for the size and layout of your home. If you purchase a system that’s too small, it will be difficult to control the temperature in your house. On the other hand, a system that is too large will lead to excessive energy bills. That’s why it’s vital to size your air conditioning or central heating system to ensure that it’s just right for your home’s heating and cooling requirements.

One way to properly size your air conditioning system is to have a professional HVAC service or energy auditor calculate what size system will be best for your home. Keep in mind that the right size system for your home might not be the size of your old unit. It’s not uncommon for homes to have HVAC systems that are oversized, so it’s important to have your home inspected before each new installation.


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