You Might Want to Rethink Installing That AC…

Install A Carrier Heat Pump

How could a heating and air conditioning company that depends on selling and installing air conditioners ever make a statement like this? We assure you this is not a crazy statement or a late night binge drinking ramble, there is sound logic behind this bold statement.

Our company believes every one of our clients should experience comfort in their home, and part of that comfort is living in a perfectly conditioned and cooled home. So the question is

”How can I cool my home when you are telling me to rethink installing an AC?”

The answer is, install a Carrier Heat Pump rather than an air conditioner. Before we go any farther let’s talk about what an air conditioner does. We all know an air conditioner creates a cool environment, one in which people are less irritable (yes we have found in our non-scientific studies when people get hot they get cranky), and that is a good thing. An air conditioner does create a cool and comfortable, but how it does this surprises many. Through the refrigeration process, an air conditioner is actually removing or transferring heat from the home and displacing it to the environment . This is the reason why air coming from the top of an air conditioner is very warm. The heat being released by the outdoor unit into the atmosphere is actually the heat that has been removed from your home.

Since we now understand what an air conditioner does, why are we introducing heat pumps? A heat pump is an air conditioner as well as a heating source and has proved to be a smart alternative to an air conditioner.

A heat pump operates just like an air conditioner in the summer, however as we enter into the heating months the heat pump reverses the refrigerant flow. When this occurs the system is actually using the heat in the atmosphere to heat the home instead of a fossil fuel like natural gas.

One of these is a heat pump…can you tell which one it is???

Install A Carrier Heat Pump Install A Carrier Heat Pump

The next question we get is whether or not you still need a furnace or if this replaces the furnace. The short answer is yes, you still need a furnace. The furnace will still be the equipment to distribute the air. In addition to this many heat pumps cannot draw enough heat from the atmosphere to heat your home once the temperature reaches 32 o F and so we need the furnace as a backup source. On average the Portland region has only 26 nights per year where our temperature drops below 32 o meaning the heat pump heats nearly the entire heating season. We have seen clients who install heat pumps reduce their heating bills by up to 40% and can also boast they are not using fossil fuels to do so. That is a win for the pocketbook and the environment, also known as a WIN/WIN.

When thinking about adding cooling or replacing an old AC, you might want to rethink installing an AC and instead install an energy efficient and environmentally friendly heat pump. Another reason to consider installing a heat pump is the amount of rebates and tax incentives available. Right now we have systems when installed get up to $3,775 in rebates and tax incentives . As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, PGE Approved Contractor , and Energy Star Trade Ally , Sun Glow is your best answer when looking for improving efficiency and comfort in your home this summer.

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