Heat Wave Coming

Long, Hot, And Drawn Out Summer

Temperatures in the Portland Metro region are set to rise dramatically. We are looking at potential record setting temperatures:

Long, Hot, And Drawn Out Summer

What does this mean for our region and our summer? Many experts are pointing to another long, hot, and drawn out summer. According to a recent article published by the Portland Business Journal :

“Despite above normal snowpack in every basin statewide, forecasts past April 1 point to the potential for higher temperatures and below normal precipitation, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture hydrologist.”

Considering our beautiful city is clouded over for large portions of the year, this is a welcome thought, however with the suns welcomed arrival comes heat which many of us are not accustomed to.

The solution, however, is easy. Sun Glow is your one stop location for all your residential and commercial cooling needs. We carry the most efficient and quitest products in the market sure to keep your home cool and comfortable no matter what the conditions may be like outside. Here are some tips to get your ready for this change:

  1. To begin, change your filters in your heating/cooling system. Change them regularly – at least once per six months and possibly more depending on overall indoor air quality.
  2. Have a licensed and bonded HVAC company like Sun Glow come out and start the system up to make sure it is functioning properly.
  3. If you don’t have AC or have an aged AC, start putting your budget together now and plan on making the investment into your comfort sooner rather than later. The longer you delay, the farther our reputable contractors schedules are booked out.

If you need any assistance in making sure your home is ready for the hot weather coming, please reach out to us. We are currently booking our maintenance technicians out a couple of weeks. Don’t have AC yet, we can help with that too! Call Sun Glow today!

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