A Look at the Benefits of Installing a Gas Furnace

Need A New Furnace

If you have been considering a gas furnace near Portland, you will find an efficient and inexpensive way to heat your home. A gas furnace is one of the best additions to your home in heating ability, as well as added savings. Here is a brief look at the exceptional benefits of a gas furnace.


More Heat

Natural gas is one of the best heating fuels you will ever find. Installing a gas furnace—over an electric or oil unit, for example—will produce more heat throughout your home at a lower cost. Since gas produces more heat than other forms of fossil fuels, gas furnaces tend to be more efficient than other types of furnaces.

Less Maintenance

Gas furnaces can last 15 to 20 years with minimal repairs or maintenance. These kind of furnaces are incredibly durable and only require occasional maintenance, such as changing or cleaning the furnace filter. Along with your air conditioning system, you will want to check your filters at least once or twice a year. Before the colder season begins, make sure your furnace filter looks clean and undamaged. Depending on the filter status, you may want to replace it, clean it, or keep an eye on it throughout the time you have the furnace on. You may need to replace your filter a few times during the cold season to maintain proper efficiency. Also, you will want to check that your pilot light is lit, especially if you notice a sudden change in your home’s temperature. Pilot lights can be easily relit, but be sure to call your HVAC company for a consultation.

More Savings

Electric and oil furnaces might have a cheaper installation fee, but gas furnaces’ overall upkeep and their long lifespan make them a vital money-saving option for your home. Typically, you will have lower utility bills because natural gas is a cheap fossil fuel, and you will save on your energy bill.

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