Energy Saving Tips for Your HVAC System

Maintain Your Hvac System

hvac portland Regardless of whether you use a gas furnace to heat your home or a different kind of heating system, there are steps you can take to conserve energy and save on your bills every month. Sun Glow Heating & Air Conditioning Inc knows everything there is to know about heaters in Portland and can talk to you about your energy use.

The first thing you should do at the start of every season to conserve energy is have furnace service done to maintain your HVAC system. By completing furnace cleaning and replacing your furnace filters, you can keep your gas furnace running as efficiently as possible throughout the season. You should also use a programmable thermostat to heat your home and carefully consider how high you set it. Turning the thermostat down just one or two degrees can make a big difference in how much energy you use. By calling on Sun Glow Heating & Air Conditioning Inc to help you with your heating needs, you can cut down on the amount of energy you use and save money in the process.

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