• The Benefits of Preventative HVAC Maintenance

    Unfortunately, there are many homeowners who only call heating and cooling Portland companies when their HVAC systems need to be repaired. They don’t take the time to have their systems serviced regularly. This is a problem because, by maintaining your HVAC system, you can keep it running smoothly and avoid the need for major repairs. By performing furnace maintenance serving Portland and having a company look at your HVAC system every year, you can enjoy the great benefits listed below. HVAC Maintenance

    Lower Energy Bills

    Does it feel like your energy bills have gone up over the last few years? If so, it may be because energy costs have risen, but it also may be because you have not had the proper work done by a heating and cooling Portland company. When you fail to have HVAC maintenance done, your HVAC system won’t be as efficient as it should be . As a result, it will need to work harder to heat and cool your home, and your energy bills will rise. Having something as simple as furnace cleaning done can save you money in the long run.

    Improved Indoor Air Quality

    You don’t want your family to be subjected to breathing in dirty air all the time, do you? Of course not, but that’s exactly what you might be forcing them to do if you aren’t having your HVAC system maintained properly. At the very least, a heating and cooling company in Portland can look at your HVAC system and tell you how clean your air is. This will help you determine how to deal with it if it’s a problem. Companies can also tell you exactly how to improve your indoor air quality through their services.

    Fewer HVAC Emergencies

    Some HVAC emergencies are simply unavoidable. At some point, your furnace is going to give out, and you will need to get it replaced. However, by having maintenance done, you can reduce the number of emergencies, and you may even be able to get a better idea of when furnace replacement will need to be done so that you can plan accordingly.

  • Energy Saving Tips for Your HVAC System

    hvac portland Regardless of whether you use a gas furnace to heat your home or a different kind of heating system, there are steps you can take to conserve energy and save on your bills every month. Sun Glow Heating & Air Conditioning Inc knows everything there is to know about heaters in Portland and can talk to you about your energy use.

    The first thing you should do at the start of every season to conserve energy is have furnace service done to maintain your HVAC system. By completing furnace cleaning and replacing your furnace filters, you can keep your gas furnace running as efficiently as possible throughout the season. You should also use a programmable thermostat to heat your home and carefully consider how high you set it. Turning the thermostat down just one or two degrees can make a big difference in how much energy you use. By calling on Sun Glow Heating & Air Conditioning Inc to help you with your heating needs, you can cut down on the amount of energy you use and save money in the process.

  • Creating a Seasonal Checklist for Your Furnace

    furnace portland Before you turn on your furnace for the first time at the beginning of a season, you should call an HVAC company and have them perform routine maintenance on it. By visiting your home for about an hour or so, a company can do furnace service near Portland and ensure that your HVAC system runs the way it should when you start using it. Here are some of the things that should be done during furnace maintenance.

    Inspect All Electrical Connections

    Over time, the electrical connections inside of your furnace can break or become loose. When this happens, your furnace won’t work properly and won’t be as efficient as it should be when you turn it on. To prevent broken or loose connections from affecting your furnace, your HVAC company should check all of the connections inside of it and do furnace service as necessary.

    Lubricate Furnace Parts

    If the moving parts inside of your furnace are not lubricated at the start of every season, there is a chance that they will wear out and break in the middle of it. This will obviously not be good for you and your family, and it’s completely preventable. By lubricating any moving parts in your furnace, you will keep them working properly throughout the season.

    Check the Condensation Drain

    Over the years, your condensation drain can become obstructed and, if this happens, it will likely result in water damage and could even lead to mold growth in your furnace. Mold is something you want to be very mindful of if you are a homeowner, so a simple inspection of your condensation drain is important.

    Replace Air Filter

    Changing your air filter every few months, depending on the type of air filter you buy, is essential. If you don’t replace it, you will be sending dirty air into your home every time you start your HVAC system up. Learn how to replace your air filter on your own once your HVAC company does it for you the first time.

  • Choosing a Reputable HVAC Contractor

    While there are plenty of good HVAC contractors available to help you with your air conditioning and furnace needs, there are also some that will try and scam you when you call for service. Watch this video before you call for AC or heating repair serving Portland to hear how to avoid being scammed by an unreliable company.

    Before you call a company to have them inspect your AC or furnace, do some research and find out how much experience they have in HVAC repair. Additionally, try and find out if they have experience working on your specific unit. For example, if you own a Rheem furnace, there are companies that specialize in serving Rheem products. By doing your homework, you can reduce your risk of working with a company that will attempt to take advantage of you.