A Look at Your Heat Pump Options from Trane

Heat Pumps Move Heat Rather Than Generate Heat

heating and cooling in portland Trane’s heat pumps are devices that move thermal energy from one place to another, and they are very effective when heating or cooling a contained space like a room or your entire home. When used as a part of your central heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system, a heat pump utilizes the air outside to either heat or cool your home by drawing warm air out of a warm space and moving it to a place that is cooler, or by drawing warm air from a cooler space and moving it to a warmer. And since heat pumps move heat rather than generate heat, they are highly energy-efficient. To learn more about Trane’s line of products, or furnaces and air conditioners in general, contact your local professional who specializes in heating and cooling in Portland .

XB Series

Trane’s XB series offer reliable performance for an affordable price. The XB13 is a standard, economical, and single-stage system that meets federal SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) guidelines. The XB14 is also a single-stage system, but with an Energy Star rating. It offers premium comfort and energy efficiency at a reasonable price.

XR Series

The XR13 and XR14 are both affordable and weather-tested models that are made with Trane’s innovative heating and cooling technology. Durable and quiet, these heat pumps shine. The XR15, XR16, and XR17 are all Energy Star rated, providing the most energy savings of this series. They all offer higher SEER ratings, which can help save you money on your energy bills. The XR17, the top-of-the-line model in this series, is a two-stage electric heat pump that offers efficient performance at an affordable price.

XL Series

Trane’s XL series includes heat pumps that are Energy Star rated, and models that offer enhanced two-stage heating and cooling. They are the best bang for your buck. The XL20i offers the highest SEER rating and variable speeds, making it the most energy efficient unit you can buy.

XV Series

Like the XL series, every model in the XV series is Energy Star rated. These heat pumps are the cream of the crop. Though they come at a higher price point, they offer superior energy efficiency and variable speeds. They are loaded with Trane’s industry leading technology. And these units are among the industry’s most reliable heat pumps.

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