• Spotlight on Gas Furnaces from Bryant

    shopping for a new furnace portland If you are shopping for a new furnace that will deliver the ultimate in comfort and efficiency, you may want to consider installing a new Bryant furnace. A gas furnace from Bryant will be carefully engineered to help you stay warm and comfortable, throughout the coldest days of winter. A company offering heating and cooling in Portland can assist you with every aspect of selecting a new Bryant furnace for your home. For more information about the benefits of installing a new furnace, here is a look at the great features of the gas furnace lineup from Bryant.

    Incredible Efficiency

    When you install a new gas furnace from Bryant , you are sure to be thrilled with the incredible efficiency that your furnace has to offer your home. In fact, the 987M model from Bryant boasts a fantastic AFUE rating of 98.3 percent. This high AFUE rating will help you cut down on your heating expenses during the winder season. Along with its terrific AFUE rating, the 987M model also offers incredibly quiet performance.

    Advanced Comfort

    When engineering their new gas furnaces, Bryant included a range of advanced technological features that will help to ensure your comfort at home. With Perfect Heat technology, each gas furnace from Bryant is able to deliver a precise level of heat to every room in your home. To help reduce moisture in your home, the Bryant gas furnace lineup also features Perfect Humidity technology. These innovative features will help you take your home heating experience to the next level of comfort.

    Easy Maintenance

    Routine furnace maintenance is an essential part of making sure that your heating system runs smoothly and efficiently. Bryant has designed their gas furnaces to provide homeowners with quick and easy maintenance. For example, an external filter cabinet will allow you to change your furnace filter, without the hassle of accessing the interior of the furnace. A 10-year parts warranty will also provide you with total peace of mind after your installation.

  • Gas Furnaces 101

    gas furnace in portland A gas furnace is a smart choice for your home heating needs. When you are shopping for a new Trane furnace, it may be helpful to learn more about how a gas furnace works to heat your home. This type of heater relies on the process of heat combustion to create heated air. When natural gas is ignited in the furnace combustion chamber, it naturally heats air that is located inside the furnace. After the air has been heated through combustion, it is sent to your interior spaces through a series of air ducts. In order to know when to heat your home, a gas furnace relies on a thermostat sensor. When the sensor on the thermostat detects that the temperature of a room has dropped below a certain level, the gas furnace will automatically switch on. A company offering furnaces in Portland will be able to answer all of your questions about furnace repair and operation.

  • Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

    In order to make sure that your heating and cooling system remains in proper working condition, you will need to schedule air conditioner and furnace cleaning on a routine basis. One of the basic steps of heating and cooling maintenance is changing the air filter. Furnace filters can become clogged with dust and debris, leading to a drop in efficiency. Additionally, you may also need to clean your air conditioner condenser coils at the start of the summer cooling season. For help maintaining your central heating, you should be sure to work with a company offering repairs for heating and cooling Portland in Portland. For a closer look at the essentials of maintaining your home’s air conditioning system, be sure to watch this video from HouseSmartsTV.