How Does Your AC System Work?

Ac Unit Is Your Home’S Main Line

proper air conditioning repair portland or With outdoor temperatures on the rise, it is important to make sure that your air conditioning unit is in proper repair for the spring and summer seasons. Your AC unit is your home’s main line of defense against the hot weather ahead. With proper air conditioning repair and maintenance , you can rest assured that your system is ready to help you beat the heat throughout the warmest seasons of the year. A company offering air conditioning repair in Portland will be able to diagnose and repair any issues that are troubling your HVAC system. To help you determine when it is time for repairs, here is a look at how your AC system works.

Phase Conversion

The primary principle behind air conditioning is a process called phase conversion. This term is used to describe what happens when a liquid is converted to a gaseous state. As a liquid compound changes phases, it will evaporate. Evaporation naturally results in a lowered temperature. Air conditioning takes advantage of this process to provide cooled air for your home.

Refrigerant Fluid

In order to achieve the best level of cooling during the phase conversion process, every air conditioner is equipped with a liquid called refrigerant. Refrigerant has been specially engineered to generate a high level of cooling when it evaporates. In addition, liquid refrigerant contains properties that allow it to evaporate at lower temperatures. As refrigerant flows through your air conditioner, the internal components of your unit work together to achieve this cooling phenomenon.


Condensation is a natural byproduct of evaporation. During the phase conversion process, refrigerant changes from liquid to gas, and then back to liquid again. Your air conditioner is equipped with components that allow this natural condensation to be recycled back into the air conditioning system. As refrigerant cycles throughout your air conditioner, it generates all of the cool air that you need to remain cool and comfortable in your indoor spaces.

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