Troubleshooting Some Common Air Conditioning Problems

Unexpected Air Conditioning Repair Problem

hvac company portland or With outdoor temperatures beginning to heat up, now is the perfect time to schedule preventative maintenance for your air conditioning unit. If an unexpected air conditioning repair problem occurs on a hot summer’s day, you may be left in the heat while you wait for your HVAC company to arrive. To prevent a cooling emergency, it is a terrific idea to schedule preventative air conditioning repair in Portland. Your service professional will be able to diagnose and troubleshoot any maintenance problems that are plaguing your system. To help you get ready for the summer season, here is a look at some common air conditioning problems.

Leaking Refrigerant

In order to generate cool air for your home, your air conditioner relies on the process of liquid evaporation. When a liquid evaporates in the air, it creates a cooling sensation. Your air conditioner uses a liquid known as refrigerant to achieve this cooling process. If your refrigerant is leaking, you may find that your air conditioner is no longer able to generate cool air for your home.

Electrical Issues

Your air conditioner contains a series of sophisticated electronic components, which control its cooling, timing, and other basic functions. Occasionally, these electric components can short out or become otherwise damaged. If your air conditioner is having electrical issues, you may find that your unit is unable to turn on altogether. In the event of electrical problems, you should be sure to set up a professional maintenance appointment.

Sensor Problems

Your thermostat is another critical component that is associated with your air conditioner. In order to determine how much cool air is needed by your indoor spaces, your thermostat is equipped with a sensor. If this sensor becomes damaged or broken, your AC unit will begin to cool your home ineffectively. With the services of a highly trained HVAC professional, you will be able to easily diagnose and repair any air conditioner problem.

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