• Signs That You Need New Air Conditioning

    Have your energy bills gone up significantly in recent months as a result of your air conditioning, or are you getting tired of spending ridiculous amounts of money every year to repair your air conditioner ? If so, it might be time for you to consider investing in a new air conditioning unit. You can have AC installation done in Portland and start enjoying the benefits of a new AC unit immediately. Check out some signs that will indicate your need for a new air conditioning below.

    Your air conditioning unit doesn’t cool your home anymore.

    If your home doesn’t cool down when you turn your air conditioning unit on, it could be because it needs to have a minor repair done to it. By replacing a part or making a better effort to change your furnace filters every month, you might be able to fix your problem. However, your air conditioning unit might have a much bigger issue that can’t be repaired easily. If that’s the case, air conditioning replacement might be your best option.

    Your air conditioning costs too much to run.

    Many older air conditioning units aren’t anywhere near as energy-efficient as the air conditioning units that are on the market today. Because of this, it will cost significantly more money to run them day in and day out. You should look into installing a more energy-efficient air conditioning unit, as it could actually end up saving you quite a bit of money in the long run. You will have to invest in a new AC unit, but it will pay for itself by slashing your energy bills every month.

    Your air conditioning unit is nearing the end of its expected lifespan.

    Air conditioning units are only designed to last about 10 to 15 years on average. If your air conditioner is older than that or approaching that age, you will likely need to replace it soon. Consider doing it before your air conditioner gives out on you completely so that you don’t end up having to deal with a very warm house in the middle of the summer.

  • Spotlight on Amana Furnaces

    When it gets cold outside, you need a reliable furnace in your home that is designed to heat your house up without breaking the bank. Amana produces heaters in Portland that are built to last and that will keep your home comfortable when the temperature goes down. Sun Glow Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. can tell you more about Amana furnaces and the advantages that come along with installing them.

    Whether you want a furnace that has an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of 80 percent or one that is classified as a high-efficiency furnace with an AFUE of 90 percent, Amana has you covered. All Amana furnaces come equipped with stainless steel heat exchangers as well as multi-speed and variable speed motors. As long as you maintain your furnace on an annual basis and have maintenance done to it, it will last you for a long time and heat your home for many years. When you work with a heating and cooling company like Sun Glow Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., we will make sure your new furnace is installed properly so that you can begin using it right away.

  • Annual Maintenance for AC Units

    Before you begin using your air conditioner this year, you should do some basic air conditioning maintenance on it to make sure that it’s ready for regular use. Watch this video to see how to do air conditioning maintenance in Portland in order to prepare your AC unit for the season.

    There are some air conditioning maintenance steps that you can take on your own. For example, you can remove debris from around your air conditioner and hose your air conditioner down. You can also replace your furnace filters every month or so throughout the summer to keep the air in your home clean. However, you should not open your AC unit up on your own in an effort to inspect it unless you are qualified to do so. Call a professional to do it so you can avoid doing any damage to your air conditioner.

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Air Conditioning Maintenance

    By doing air conditioning maintenance regularly, you can make your home’s air conditioner more efficient, keep your home more comfortable during the warmer months, and extend the lifespan of your AC unit. However, there are several things that you should keep in mind before having air conditioning maintenance in Portland done. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of air conditioning maintenance.

    Do: Have air conditioning maintenance done every spring.

    You should do air conditioning maintenance at least once every year, preferably right before you start using your AC unit for the first time. You can even arrange to have furnace cleaning and maintenance done at the same time, since you will likely be shutting your furnace down for the summer. By maintaining your AC unit every spring, you can rest assured knowing your air conditioning is ready for regular use.

    Don’t: Ignore repair suggestions made by your air conditioning specialist.

    During your air conditioning maintenance, your AC specialist may suggest that you make repairs. You should take what your specialist says into account and strongly consider making the repairs right away. It will prevent your AC from breaking down on you in the middle of the summer.

    Do: Clear debris from around your air conditioner on a regular basis.

    Throughout the year, leaves, sticks, grass clippings, trash, and other debris will find their way into and around your air conditioner. You should look around it once every week during the spring and summer seasons to see if any debris needs to be cleared out. You will make your AC unit more efficient by doing this and stop debris from causing problems with your cooling system.

    Don’t: Attempt to make repairs to your air conditioner on your own.

    While you should make AC repairs right away to ensure that your unit doesn’t break down on you, you should never try to make them on your own. Instead, call on an experienced AC technician to get the job done. You could hurt yourself or damage your air conditioner if you try to fix it without the help of a professional.