• What You Need to Know About Your Trane Heat Pump

    Many homeowners use a furnace to heat their home and an air conditioner to cool it. But if you live in a moderate climate that doesn’t typically get too hot or too cold, you can heat and cool your home effectively through the use of a Trane heat pump. A heat pump heats or cools a home by transferring heat either inside or outside, depending on the weather, and it’s an excellent option for many homeowners. Here’s what you will need to know if you install a Trane heat pump near Portland .

    A heat pump doesn’t actually generate any warm or cool air.

    When you turn on a furnace in your home, it generates warm air and then distributes it throughout your home. Likewise, an air conditioner creates cool air by using refrigerant. When you use a heat pump, though, it doesn’t manufacture any warm or cool air. Instead, it moves heat around to either heat or cool your home. When it’s cold out, your Trane heat pump will take air from outside, pull the heat energy from it, and send it into your home. When it’s hot out, it will take the heat energy inside your home and move it outside to cool the space. By doing this, it alters the temperature in your home.

    A heat pump is usually more efficient than a furnace or air conditioner.

    Because a Trane heat pump isn’t required to generate warm or cool air, it will only use a fraction of the energy that a furnace or air conditioner uses. This will cut back on your energy costs significantly and allow you to save money when you heat or cool your home.

    A heat pump needs to be maintained to remain efficient.

    Much like a furnace or air conditioner, you will need to do routine maintenance on your Trane heat pump to keep it running. You should have a heating and cooling company come to your home at least once every year to inspect your heat pump and make necessary repairs to it. It will allow you to keep your home comfortable.

  • How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

    Do you have poor indoor air quality inside of your home? There are some simple steps you can take to fix the problem quickly. By replacing your furnace filter regularly and working with a heating and cooling company to maintain your HVAC system, you can improve your indoor air quality. Sun Glow Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. offers HVAC services in Portland that are designed to help you with air quality issues.

    When you call on us, we will begin by coming to your home and testing your indoor air. Whether you have too much dust in your air or allergens and other contaminants in it, we can make suggestions with regards to improving your situation. Often times, you can improve your air quality dramatically simply by changing the type of furnace filter you are using. Furnace cleaning, furnace maintenance, and other HVAC services can also change your indoor air quality for the better. When you call on Sun Glow Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for help, we will show you how to get your indoor air as clean as possible and keep it that way.

  • The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

    You wouldn’t drive your car around for years at a time without having it serviced, so why are you running your HVAC system season after season without doing furnace and air conditioning maintenance? Watch this video to see why it’s so important to do regular furnace and air conditioning maintenance in Portland .

    You should hire a company to do furnace and air conditioning maintenance twice every year. Before you start using your furnace in the winter and prior to turning on your air conditioner in the summer, you should call for heating and cooling service. You should also change your furnace filters every month or two to keep the air inside of your home clean. By doing the proper maintenance, you will keep your HVAC system running efficiently throughout the year.

  • Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for the Spring Season

    At the beginning of every spring, most homeowners clean out their homes, garages, sheds, and other parts of their properties. Spring cleaning has become an annual tradition for many people, and in addition to cleaning out those spaces, you should also get into the habit of doing air conditioning maintenance in the spring. In just a month or two, you will likely be using your AC on a regular basis, so doing air conditioning maintenance in Portland is essential. Check out some tips for maintaining your AC unit.

    Keep Your Air Conditioner and the Area Around It Free of Debris

    Over the course of the fall and winter, there’s a good chance that debris fell into and around your air conditioning unit. From leaves to branches to grass clippings, there are all kinds of debris that will often find their way into your air conditioner. Debris can affect your AC once you start using it and cause serious problems if you aren’t diligent about removing them. You should make every effort to clean your AC unit and the area that surrounds it at least once every week during the spring and summer seasons.

    Replace Your Furnace Filter

    The furnace filter in your HVAC system is used to keep the air inside of your home clean. Your home’s air will often recirculate several times throughout the average day when you are using your AC unit, so you want to make sure that you check your filter regularly to see if it needs to be replaced. Dirt, dust, and debris will build up on it, and if you don’t change furnace filters often enough, they can negatively impact your indoor air quality.

    Hire a Company to Inspect Your Air Conditioner for Signs of Wear and Tear

    Unless you are trained to inspect the inside of an AC unit, you should leave air conditioner maintenance to the professionals. By working with a trusted heating and cooling company, you can maintain your AC unit in the spring and avoid running into any issues with it during the summer.