• What to Look For in a New Furnace

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    A properly working furnace is a must during the winter months. Typically, residential HVAC systems contain both furnaces and air conditioning units. If your HVAC system has been requiring more furnace repair than usual, it may be time to schedule a furnace installation. By replacing your furnace, you can boost the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system during the winter months. A company specializing in residential HVAC systems in Portland can help you choose and install a new furnace for your home. To help you shop for home HVAC systems, here is a look at what to look for in a new furnace.

    Evaluate Fuel Choices

    When you are shopping for a new furnace , it is essential to evaluate the fuel choices that are available to you. Furnaces can be powered by a variety of fuel sources, including natural gas, electricity, or propane. To determine what fuel source is right for your home, you may want to consider what type of fuel your existing furnace uses.

    Consider Efficiency

    Efficiency is another highly important factor to consider when you are shopping for a new furnace. Ideally, your new furnace will have a high AFUE rating. The term AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. By choosing a highly efficient furnace, you can cut back on your monthly energy bills. Your brand new furnace can be a terrific investment that will reduce your energy costs during the winter months.

    Calculate Proper Sizing

    Along with determining the fuel source and considering efficiency, it is also a good idea to calculate what size of furnace will be suited for your home. The right size furnace will provide you with the best efficiency when you are heating your home. A furnace that is too small will not deliver enough heat, whereas a furnace that is too large can waste energy. By choosing a properly sized furnace, you can get the best performance from your new appliance.

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  • Commercial HVAC Services from Sun Glow

    commercial HVAC Systems If you are the owner of a commercial business, you may want to consider scheduling professional HVAC services for your system. Sun Glow Heating and Air Conditioning offers highly rated repairs for commercial HVAC systems in Portland. Our highly experienced technicians can provide you with repairs, installations, maintenance, and cleanup procedures. During the summer, our AC repair services will keep your employees and clients cool and comfortable. During the upcoming winter, a furnace repair appointment from our technicians will ensure that your business offers a warm and cozy environment for your customers and employees. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service, so you can rest assured that you will be totally satisfied with the HVAC repairs that we perform for your commercial business. By scheduling commercial HVAC services, you will maintain the comfort of your commercial space, throughout the seasons.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Furnace Problems

    HVAC Repairs If you are like many homeowners, chances are that you hardly think about your furnace until a problem arises. With the winter season on its way, now is the time to make sure that your furnace is in proper repair for the peak heating season. With heater repair services, you can rest assured that your system will provide you with efficient performance this season. If you neglect to schedule HVAC services, you could cause major damage to your system. A company offering repairs for residential HVAC systems in Portland can provide you with expert maintenance for your furnace. If you are considering scheduling a furnace repair appointment, here is a look at why it is important to not ignore your furnace problems.

    Catch Minor Problems Before They Become Serious

    With preventative furnace repair, you will be able to catch minor problems before they develop into more serious issues. For example, the small electrical components in your furnace may eventually wear down. To keep your furnace running well, you should have these parts replaced before they break.

    Maintain the Energy Efficiency of Your System

    By paying attention to your furnace problems, you can keep your system running as efficiently as possible. Over time, the efficiency of your system will decrease as its many working parts no longer work together smoothly. With routine repairs, however, you can feel great knowing that your furnace is running as efficiently as it possibly can.

    Prolong the Need for a Replacement

    Eventually, every furnace will need to be replaced. If you want your furnace to last for more than a decade, it is important to take care of any and all furnace repair problems as they arise. With routine repair and maintenance services, you can extend the lifespan of your unit. A company offering HVAC repairs can provide you with more information about the ideal service schedule for your furnace.