• How a Programmable Thermostat Can Help You

    HVAC Installations Provider in PortlandYou probably don’t pay much attention to your thermostat except when you want to turn it up or down, but you probably should. That’s because you can save a lot of money on your heating and cooling bills by installing a programmable thermostat. Using a programmable thermostat, you can adjust the times you turn on the heating or air conditioning according to a pre-set schedule. This will help you avoid heating or cooling an empty home, which can amount to lots of savings every year. How much? The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that using a programmable thermostat can save upwards of $180 each year.

    Contact your HVAC installations provider in Portland to have a programmable thermostat put in. Your air conditioning repair technician can show you how to use your new thermostat and advise you on other ways to heat and cool your home more efficiently.

  • Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

    Portland HVAC Service Your home should be a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family. Unfortunately, exposure to polluted air puts everyone inside your home at risk. Poor air quality can contribute to allergies, headaches, lung irritation, and infectious diseases. The good news is that your Portland HVAC service can make the appropriate repairs and recommend the right equipment to ensure your heating and cooling system provides safe, clean air. There are also things that you can do to improve the air quality inside your home, including:

    Change Air Filters Regularly

    Air filters are extremely effective at removing dust, dander, pollen, and other airborne allergens and pollutants from the air—but only when they’re clean. Dirty filters are not only ineffective, but they may actually contribute to worse indoor air quality by recycling dirty, contaminated air. Check your air filters at least once every three months and replace or clean as necessary. If your filters are needing to be changed more frequently than this, contact your HVAC service provider for an air duct and AC inspection.

    Control Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

    The most effective way to improve indoor air quality is to eliminate or control individual sources of pollution. Refrain from using scented candles, air fresheners, and other aerosol sprays indoors. Adjust gas-burning appliances to decrease the amount of emissions. Keep paint, primer, acetone, and other harsh chemicals in a storage shed outside. Your AC repair company can give you more tips for controlling sources of indoor air pollution .

    Improve Ventilation

    In addition to controlling sources of pollution, you should focus on increasing the amount of outdoor air coming indoors. Open windows and doors when the weather permits to bring fresh air into the house. This will help ventilate the air inside your home and reduce the amount of indoor air pollution you and your family is exposed to.

  • A Look at Common Furnace Problems

    It’s fall, and that means the heating season is officially upon us. Before the cold weather really sets in, test your furnace to make sure you can stay warm throughout the season. You don’t have to be a heater repair professional to know when your furnace isn’t running like normal. Turn it on and listen for any unusual noises, such as banging, grinding, squealing, or popping. You should also check each room to make sure the heat is being distributed evenly.

    Watch this video for some common furnace problems and basic troubleshooting tips. Check your furnace filter, as a majority of furnace problems stem from old, dirty filters. You will also need to make sure that your furnace has proper intake and exhaust capabilities. If your furnace is acting up at all, now is the time to schedule furnace repair with a heating company in Portland .

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  • Knowing When It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

    Furnace Replacement Portland Fall is just around the corner, and that means it’s finally time to put this year’s unusually warm summer behind us and look forward to cooler temperatures. It’s also a good time to check your home’s furnace. After all, it’s better to know that you need furnace repair now instead of when it gets really cold in a few months. But how do you know if you should repair or replace your broken furnace? Read on to discover some fast and easy ways to know when it’s time for furnace replacement—before it costs you more money in repairs or becomes unsafe.

    Consider the Age of Your Furnace

    For starters, compare the age of your furnace to the national average life expectancy of residential furnaces (16-20 years). If your furnace is close to this age or older, you should begin shopping for a new furnace . Even if your furnace is in relatively good shape, new heating systems are significantly more energy-efficient than older models, which should help you save money on your heating bills.

    Listen for Unusual Noises

    Even if it’s not too cold for you yet, run your furnace so you can listen for any unusual noises. Old furnaces often start to make strange noises as they near the end of their life. Listen specifically for banging, popping, rattling, or squealing noises while your furnace is running. If you hear these or any other unusual noises, contact your heater repair and replacement expert in Portland to obtain a professional opinion on the condition of your furnace.

    Think About Your Family’s Comfort

    One of the most important considerations is your family’s comfort. If some rooms are too cold while others are too hot, or if you just can’t seem to get warm in your home, it could be a sign that your furnace lacks the ability to properly distribute heat to keep your home comfortable. A heating company in Portland can help you find a new furnace that will provide your home with adequate heat all winter long.

  • Indoor Air Quality Services from Sun Glow Inc.

    Indoor Air Quality Services Portland The air quality inside your home is extremely important; after all, you spend a majority of your time indoors, even if only for sleep every night. Unfortunately, some studies suggest that indoor air pollution can be worse than outdoor air pollution in major cities. Poor air quality can contribute to headaches, lung irritation, fatigue, allergies, and infectious diseases. Thankfully you can avoid these issues and breathe comfortably in your home thanks to Sun Glow Inc.

    Sung Glow Inc. provides indoor air quality services that will make your home a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family. Using the latest technology and techniques combined with their extensive knowledge in excellent air quality, Sun Glow Inc. can clean up the air inside your home and prevent pollution in the future.