Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Repaired

Call For Ac Repair In Portland

residential ac repair portland Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Repaired

It’s fairly easy to determine when it’s time to call for AC repair in Portland . After all, if your AC unit isn’t working or if it’s producing an unusual smell or sound, you can usually tell right away. But there are times when small problems form inside the air conditioner that, when left unfixed, can require major AC repair services down the road. Below you will find some of the telltale signs that your air conditioner needs to be repaired.

Lack of Cool Air
If your air conditioning system is blowing air at full blast that is not cold, or not as cold as it used to be, this indicates that you need an AC repair service. The lack of cool air can indicate a system compressor failure or that the AC unit’s Freon levels are too low.

Insufficient Air Flow
Is the air flow weak when it comes through your AC vents? If so, the compressor could be worn out. But if some areas of the home get plenty of cool air while others receive very little, the trouble could be inside your ducts. Your AC service company can professionally clean the ducts to restore airflow and ensure that your AC unit is operating at peak efficiency.

Thermostat Issues
When there is a broken thermostat, it’s common for one area of the house to be cold while other parts are a bit warmer. Call your local air conditioning repair company and have them replace your failing thermostat with a programmable thermostat that can save you money on your energy bills.

Moisture Problems
The presence of moisture or a leak near your AC unit is cause for concern. In worst cases, the leak is refrigerant, which can cause serious health risks and needs to be addressed immediately. Another possible cause for moisture is a broken or clogged drain tube, which is supposed to dispose of air conditioner condensation. Though it probably won’t lead to AC unit failure, the leaks from an ineffective drain tube can contribute to mold growth, so it’s important to get it fixed right away.

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