How to Choose a New Furnace

Need Heater Replacement In Portland

commercial hvac repair portland How to Choose a New Furnace

Many homes in Portland now come with a central heating system. Within these systems there is normally a furnace, which is the component that produces the heat that is circulated through your home. If your heater is broken and you need heater replacement in Portland , read on to find out which factors are most important when choosing a new furnace.

The fuel type should be the first factor you look at as you shop for a new furnace for your home HVAC system. Natural gas is the most common source of fuel in today’s residential HVAC systems. Not only is natural gas widely obtainable, but it is inexpensive and clean-burning. Liquefied propane (LP) or “bottled” gas is another option in rural areas that do not receive natural gas lines. Oil and electricity are other common options.

All furnaces must have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating, which is expressed as a percent. For example, an 80 percent gas furnace generates heat from 80 percent of the fuel it burns. A high-efficiency unit will have a 90 to 98 percent rating, which can lower your energy bills and save you a great deal of money this winter. Many new, efficient furnaces use electronic ignition to light the flame, rather than using a pilot light than burns continuously. Pilot lights are common on older furnaces, but they consume energy even when the furnace is not in use.

You will probably want to replace your furnace with one of the same size, but it’s worth checking with your HVAC service company to make sure you had the right size furnace to begin with. There are also websites that allow you to calculate the optimal furnace size based on the number of windows, amount of indoor space, height of the ceilings, and amount of insulation.

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