Air Conditioning Maintenance in Portland, OR

Air conditioning is more than just a modern luxury. It is an essential component of maintaining

comfort at home during the warmer months, so you will not want to neglect air conditioning

maintenance for your existing unit. Whether you just installed a new air conditioner or you have

an older unit in your home, Sun Glow Inc. Heating & Cooling can provide comprehensive

maintenance services to extend the lifespan of your air conditioner. Our Portland technicians

will offer great service to reduce the need for repairs and improve the efficiency of your air

conditioner to protect your investment.

Components of Proper A/C Maintenance

The most basic and essential step of air conditioning maintenance is filter changes, which will

ensure clean air and reduce poor performance from buildup in air vents. Aside from this

task—which is easy to do yourself—you might invest in seasonal inspections and tune-ups from

our professional staff. We can also clean and replace coils, address leaks, and check all

components of the system for wear and tear to make any necessary repairs as soon as they are


Reasons to Invest in Professional Maintenance

A seasonal maintenance plan for your air conditioner can pay off in the long-run, because it will

keep your unit working as efficiently as possible and extend the life of your air conditioner.

Below you can get a closer look at the value of seeking professional maintenance for your air

conditioner in Portland.

Lower Long-Term Costs – With improved efficiency and a longer lifespan in your air

conditioner, you will save money over time. You might also spare yourself from costly

repairs, since you can address small problems before they cause additional damage to

other components of the unit.

Comfort for the Spring and Summer – As the weather warms up outside, you will be

glad to have your air conditioner working reliably. Proper maintenance will help you get

the best performance out of your A/C unit, meaning that you will always be comfortable

at home. Plus, a professional inspection can ensure that your thermostat is accurate, so

you will know that you are cooling your home to your desired preferences without

wasting energy.

Improved Indoor Air Quality – Not only will maintenance give your air conditioner a longer

lifespan it will also keep your ducts and filters clean, you can rest assured that you will be

breathing cleaner air inside your house. Poorindoor air quality can have a significant impact

on your health, so you should not neglect maintenance for your HVAC system.

If it has been a while since you had an A/C tune-up or you are in the market for a new air

conditioning unit, contact Sun Glow Inc. Heating & Cooling. You can reach us on our website or

at (503) 253-7789 to take advantage of our 4 decades of residential HVAC experience.

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