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How Do Heat Pumps Work?

If you are seeking a highly efficient alternative to your conventional air conditioning system, you may want to think about installing a heat pump in your home. In this video, you will take a closer ...
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How Poor Indoor Air Quality Can Affect Kids' Health

As a parent, protecting the health and wellbeing of your children is a top priority. If you are planning on scheduling air conditioning services this summer, you may want to ask your air conditioning ...
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How You Can Maximize the Efficiency of Your Furnace This Season

The use of heating and air conditioning accounts for a significant portion of the average household’s annual energy usage. For this reason, it’s important to keep your furnace running well ...
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Get Ready for Cold Weather with These Must-Do Home Repairs

Before winter arrives, it’s a smart idea to take care of a few important home maintenance jobs. Watch this video to learn about household repairs that can help you save energy in Portland and ...
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Stop Using Laundry Detergent & Hot Water

Stop Using Laundry Detergent... Finally - Laundry without chemicals, fragrances, softeners, or hot water! In goes dirty clothing, linens, and cold water. Oxygen and ActivePure Technology lift out the ...
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You Might Want to Rethink Installing That AC...

How could a heating and air conditioning company that depends on selling and installing air conditioners ever make a statement like this? We assure you this is not a crazy statement or a late night ...
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Why Isn't Your Furnace Blowing Warm Air?

The older your furnace is, the more likely you are to need regular furnace repairs near Portland. One common problem with forced-air furnaces or gas furnaces is that they stop producing hot air. Here ...
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Factors to Consider When Replacing Your Furnace

Before you commit to furnace replacement, you need to consider a few important factors to ensure you find the perfect furnace in Portland. The furnace you choose must be able to efficiently and ...
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The Homeowner's Guide to Heating

It’s very important to be aware of your home’s options for heating and cooling in Portland. When you’re investigating heating options, you can choose between a gas furnace, electric ...
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Tips for Maintaining Your Heating System

Your heater in Portland keeps your home cozy during the cold winter months. With the proper filtration medium, like a disposable air filter, it can improve your home’s indoor air quality by ...
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A Look at Your Heat Pump Options from Trane

Trane’s heat pumps are devices that move thermal energy from one place to another, and they are very effective when heating or cooling a contained space like a room or your entire home. When ...
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Gas Furnaces 101

A gas furnace is a smart choice for your home heating needs. When you are shopping for a new Trane furnace, it may be helpful to learn more about how a gas furnace works to heat your home. This type ...
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