Blog Posts in July, 2017

Answers to Your Questions About Choosing a New Air Conditioner

Air conditioning in Portland is so important that it’s a good idea to start looking for a new unit before your current one fails. You never want to find yourself stranded in between appliances ...
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AC Maintenance Tips to Try This Summer

Everyone has a favorite way to beat the heat, and for some people, it’s simply sitting down and enjoying the air conditioning in Portland. If you want your unit to treat you well throughout the ...
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Causes of Loud AC Noises

Appliances of all kinds have a tendency to make sounds when something is going wrong, and your air conditioning unit in Portland may very well do the same. You might not know exactly what’s ...
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Saving Money by Investing in Air Conditioning Maintenance

You might think that air conditioning maintenance in Portland will cost you money rather than save it, but that’s not exactly the case. When you sign up for a maintenance program with your AC ...
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